History of the Department

Material and technical basis of the department. There is one gym for basketball and volleyball and one gym for wrestling and indoor soccer, modern sports ground, football stadium, chess and boxing room, fitness and table tennis room in the department.
Adress: 141 Rudaki avenue, Ismoili Somoni district, Dushanbe city
Website: https://www.tajmedun.tj, Tel.: (+992) 224 38 73, 93 128 25 35
History of the department can be provided as follow as:
SEI «Avicenna Tajik State Medical University» is one the oldest educational and scientific institutions in the history of our native country. It was founded in 1939 as Stalinabad Medical Institute.
University has been paying a particular attention to sport and recreation since its establishment.
The first teacher who taught physichal training subject was E.K. Kolokifas. Then, based on the subject department of military hygiene and physical training was established .
The department was led by E. P. Khimich. Khimich was famous for his organizational skills and initiative among teachers. In 1948, due to his efforts and by the supports of the university administration was established an independent department of physical training and athletics. It should be pointed out that the department was founded in hard years of after the war.
Chernishenko, V.I. Popushin, R. G. Krivitskaya, E.A. Efimov, M.A. Stolyar, T. S. Mgeladze, Yu. I. Bakhtizin, N. O. Odinaev, Umarov A. M., Ibragimov U. Kh., F.S. Mu’minov and others worked in the department. Also, senior teachers Sh. E. Nosirov, N.S. Hasanboev and teachers Mavlonov B. A., Musoev H.N., Bobojonov V.A. work in the department. Since 1948, the department has been led by five heads. They were Ye. K. Khimich (1948-1971), E. N. Dvoretskiy (1971-1975), T. S. Mgeladze (1975-2006), A. M. Umarov (2006-2009), Sh. S. Sagdieva (2009-2016), who made efforts for preparing successful and experienced sportsmen. Since 2017, Daler Aslonov, a young and talented specialist, has been leading the department.

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