The mission of Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

The most important mission of our university - is transfer the knowledge to the younger generation. Mission - providing nationally relevant, internationally recognized medical education to train competent personnel and promote the development of scientific activity in the field of health. .
Our university gives ample opportunities for vocational training of specialists, forms of sciences schools and promotes intellectual, social and economic and spiritual development of the population through expansion of knowledge to the younger generation.
The main and basic principles of ATSMU activity - a fundamentality, quality, a continuity and succession of all forms of medical education and science, unity of training, researches and education; integration into regional and world scientific and educational sphere.
The university appears as community of scientists, teachers, employees and trains, acts as the carrier of high spirit of the academic freedoms and corporate ethics. Our university supports integration into world system of the higher medical education, and at the same time tries to keep and develop the best traditions of a domestic education system.
Avicenna Tajik state medical university, being scientific-creative collective of academicians, professors, teachers, employees and students and the successor of the outstanding scientist and the thinker of the East Avicenna sees as the ultimate goal preservation and transfer of knowledge bowl, experience and a raising of the Tajik medicine on higher level.
Symbols and emblems of ATSMU played the generalizing and directing role, expressing sense of this or that type of medical activity. The emblem represents the bowl twisted with two snakes and the open book.
The bowl is installed on a sign meridian, dividing two colors. Light and dark colors - symbols of good and evil - indicate uncompromising struggle, create a safe and reliable environment. The open book is a symbol of knowledge and the doctrine. The bowl symbolizes the wisdom source itself specifying the correct way. Snakes on an emblem symbolize good, wisdom, omniscience, knowledge, immortality, a symbol life. They learn to be a fighter in the life and for the life. The name of higher education institution - Avicenna Tajik State Medical University is written on an aura. The accepted emblem is the evidence of close connection of medicine with the general history and culture of the people.

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