Genaral Information

The Center for Postgraduate Education carries out the organization and conduct of skill development for health workers, professional retraining of medical specialists of ATSMU and other educational institutions in accordance with academic programs and curriculum. The quality of training is provided by highly qualified teachers and scientists of the university. Retraining and skill development of medical personnel is carried out by the teaching staff of the university's departments and special courses of the Center.
In the Center for Postgraduate Education, the skills development of doctors is carried out through 176 programs and the primary specialization through 21 training programs in total 195 approved programs. Training on cycles of professional retraining and advanced training is conducted on a budgetary or contractual basis.
After the training program of additional professional education and passing the examinations are given the following documents of state sample:
• certificate of skill development - for specialists, who are passed the refresher courses
• Diploma of professional retraining- for doctors who have been retrained (primary specialization).