Basic information

Full name: Avicenna Tajik State Medical University
Short name: ATSMU
Legal address: 734003, RT, Dushanbe, ave.Rudaki 139
Reception of correspondence and appeals of citizens: (+992) 44 600-36-76, 202 room
Reception Rector: (+992) 37 224-45-83
E-mail address:
Phone fax: (+992) 37-224-36-87

About the university

Avicenna Tajik State Medical University (TSMU) was and is one of the flagships of higher medical education. It is one of the largest educational and scientific-practical centre and a leading university, of the Republic of Tajikistan on training specialists in medical field. The TSMU has modern educational buildings, clinics and laboratories, which include 5 faculties: medical, paediatrics, dental, pharmaceutical and the faculty of Public Health.The university`s pedagogical and personnel potential is quite intellectual and highly educated. There are 62 departments in our University with many specialists who have exceptional pedagogical skills: 7 academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, more than 297 doctors and candidates of medical sciences, professors and honoured doctors of the Republic of Tajikistan, distinguished scientists and laureates of state and international awards.
The University`s departments and clinical centres unite together specialists of high-class in all areas of modern medicine. Clinical centres have a high method of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases that have no analogues. The University department ’teams’ long-term experience and scientific potential make it possible to work actively in the framework of the national priority project “Quality Health” in the healthcare field, and unique techniques offering and working to achieve the statestrategically important goals.
The University trains qualified specialists in the field of medicine using modern technologies that guarantee high quality of education; develops mass educational professional programs, implements the functions of the Ministry of Education for state educational standards elaboration and approbation. Educational programs, meet individuals, the state and society needs in a wide range.
The University`s leading scientific staff prepared many modern and actual textbooks and manuals with innovative teaching methods. The TSMU library has developed and introduced into use an electronic catalogue for 142,000 units of storage, which allows for a quick search of the required literature.
The general fund of the University`s library has reached 660,669 copies of books, of which 517,969 copies are educational, scientific and fiction and 142,700 copies are electronic versions of various books.
The Library`s Service Department has reached 278,807 copies; the attendance rate of library users reached 167,199.
The university’s library provision with educational literature in the state language was 100%, in Russian - 180%.
The University`s employees compiled and published 80 titles of textbooks in the state language with a circulation of 11,000 copies.
Computer technologies are widely used in the University' s educational process: modelling various diseases using multimedia technologies, a high level of visualized lectures, as well as the creation of visual programs for knowledge control and student self-training contribute to the mastery of solid knowledge.
For many years, high-quality trainings and a system for monitoring the educational activities of specialists at the TSMU, ensure the proper prestige of the University graduates in our country and abroad. Over the years of its existence, the University has acquired a high status and the desire of applicants to study at our University increases. The University selects among the applicants the most capable and prepared. Only the best applicants receive student status at the TSMU.
The procedure of licensing and accreditation was extremely important for our University, as for any higher education institution which required the mobilization of all the forces and resources of an educational institution. For about two years, all the faculties and departments of the TSMU have been preparing for a comprehensive audit of their activities. This test, carried out by an authoritative commission with the participation of renowned scientists, prominent public health and education workers, ended at the end of 2014, and our University was recognized as accredited for 5 years by order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan No 31 dated January 16, 2015. In addition, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Ministry of Education and Science issued a license to conduct educational activities in the field of medical and pharmaceutical education No 3 in June 16, 2014, valid until June 16, 2019. Of course, this result, which gives our team new strength, we consider as confirmation of the highest competence of the faculty of our departments, employees of medical and research departments of the TSMU, as well as the correctness of the choice of priority objectives, and ways to achieve them.
In order to achieve the main tasks in the field of scientific activities, the University conducts comprehensive fundamental and applied research on biological and social processes, mechanisms for the development and course of diseases, and develops preventive health programs to ensure health and a high quality of life in Tajikistan.
In addition to the interesting activities, the University has an active student life. The work of the trade union committee of students provides all the conditions for the formation of qualified specialists who posse not only professional qualities, but also the ability to act in a team. The principles of self-government, on which the activity of the trade union of students is built, is an effective tool for the TSMU traditions formation which contributing to the development of a successful personality and the university as a whole.
There are all necessary conditions at the University for raising the students cultural level and the future doctor harmonious development. For this purpose, there are creative teams, sports clubs, and student teams, which reflect for manifestation of talent. Important components in the formation of a true doctor is a special attitude to the elderly and children, mercy and desire to help.
Based on innovative technologies new educational spaces are formed in our University, where traditional forms, methods, and education meansare combined. All this allows us to discover new opportunities for learning, monitoring and evaluating students and students' knowledge, increasing the research and development opportunities of the University, and introducing new, and modern models of administration and management.
All the university`s activities are aimed at ensuring young people to be able to get decent knowledge and a diploma, and were confident in their professional future, and our clinics` patients, treatment-and-prophylactic complexes and other medical units were provided with sufficiently effective medical care personnel conforming to international standards.
Our University’s main objective is the high results that we achieve with our everyday work!

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