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Director of the Center
Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali ibn Sino is considered one of the priority higher educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan, which is engaged in the training of specialists in the field of health. Educational - Clinical Center "Stomatology" has been functioning since 2007. It is a structural subdivision of Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali ibn Sino and aimed for the training of dentists. The educational - clinical center "Stomatology" was headed by Ph.D.on medicine, docent Sharipov S.M from 2007-2009, Saburov S.K from 2009-2015 , currently the director of the center is Taiibov S.A. Advanced Worker of Public Health of the Republic of Tajikistan, a doctor of the high category.
All equipments in the educational and clinical center "STOMATOLOGY" meet the requirements of modern medicine, and also there is created a phantom study for the practical preparation of students of 2-3 courses. Modern materials and technologies are used in the work. There are successfully functioning 4 departments: medical, surgical, pediatric, dentistry and orthopedic with dental laboratory, physiotherapy room for the implementation of out-patient - polyclinic dental care in full, in the ECC "STOMATOLOGY". The Dental Center "STOMATOLOGY" provides a full range of highly-qualified dental care to the population of the city and surrounding areas, including all types of outpatient surgery and prosthetics, artistic and total restoration of teeth, periodontal and endodontic treatment, professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening, modern prosthetics, complex prosthetics and orthodontic treatment. Modern equipment and the latest achievement of dentistry make it possible to make treatment as comfortable and convenient for patients as possible. The staff of the ECC "STOMATOLOGY" consist of candidates of medical science and assistants, doctors of the highest category who take part an active creative stance in all events held both at the Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali ibn Sino and the Association of Dentists of the Republic of Tajikistan. The center has a central sterilization department that uses modern disinfectants to combine disinfection and pre-sterilization treatment; The DOS-2000 autoclave is used for sterilizing the tips of the mobile recycler "Desar" for air disinfection with UV radiation, modern steam and air sterilizers. Using of suprasonic washing significantly reduces the time of combined cleaning of the instrument and improves its quality. The orthopedic department consists of orthopedic offices, dental laboratory and foundry.
Employees of the ECC "Stomatology" have published: 24-articles, 11-educational and methodological developments for students, 20 theses. The Department of Therapeutic Dentistry has printed 10 theses, 7 articles, 2 educational and methodical developments for students, 2 articles were published abroad. Employees of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry developed and printed 6-articles, 3 theses, 4 educational and methodological developments for students. Department of maxillofacial surgery-5 theses, 1 article. Department of Pediatric Dentistry and orthodontics -3-articles, 2 theses, 1-methodological training for students. The director of the center has published -5 articles, 4 methodological developments for students, interns and clinical residents.
The close cooperation of theraputists, surgeons, periodontists and orthopedists allows us to provide a full range of dental care to patients. There is a room for complex prosthetics, where the specialist is assisting patients with acquired defects in the maxillofacial area. The main task of the staff is to maintain the health of natural teeth on the basis of correctly conducted activities and the quality of treatment. The clinic is an innovative center of dentistry and closely cooperates with the Scientific and Clinical Institute "Stomatology" and maxillofacial surgery, the Scientific and Clinical Institute of Gastroenterology, the Educational and Scientific Center of the Formation, the Scientific Center of Stem Cells, the Department of Oncology, as well as the Department of Epidemiology.


Address: Dushanbe city, 30/1 Sino Avenue, New Educational Complex Shifobakhsh-Kariyai bolo
Tel.: (+992) 44 600 39 73
Director of the Center: Odinaev Isloiddin Sangovich