Department achievements

At the beginning of 70s of ХХ century in the USSR was paid a particular attention to sport and social recreation. An increase in students number at Tajik State Medical University brought to establishment of sport team. Establishment of the team laid the foundation to the participation in republican and all-union sport competitions.
Thus, department of physical education started independently its activity and supported to the establishment of sport team in the future. Along with the establishment of the team, as a matter of fact, it turned out that students of the Tajik State Medical University are active in sport. They proved it by their participation in different competitions. In addition, in order to protect honor and glory of USSR (former Soviet Union) they won for several times.
In this regard, it should be pointed out the contribution of trainers including D.S. Chernoek, an experienced gymnastics trainer, V. G. Davidiyans, athletic trainer, worthy coach of the Republic of Tajikistan, T.S. Mgeladze and worthy coach of the Republic of Tajikistan, N.O. Odinayev. Just thanks to productive activity of aforesaid people the university made good progresses in sport sector.
Especially, women valleyball players team won for several times among institutes of higher education of 15 countries of USSR. As a part of initiatives of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan in Avicenna Tajik State Medical University together with the learning subtleties of medical science, students are involved in different kinds of sports and they are provided with all modern sports means. In particular, all sport teams of the university are provided with sports wears and sports grounds and gyms are equipped with modern equipment.

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