History of the department

The Department of Faculty Surgery was organized at the Stalinabad Medical Institute under the direction of Professor L.A. Barinshtein in 1941. During the formation of the department, educational and medical work was mainly carried out. The main task of the clinic of faculty surgery was an in-depth study of the most common surgical diseases in their typical course and to teach the student clinical thinking at the patient's bedside. Taking into account the specifics of the clinical base of the department, since 1969, clinical residents have been trained in emergency surgery.
Since 1945, under the leadership of Kh.D. Hajiyev expanded the scope of scientific and medical work.
The main area of ​​research of the department’s staff during the management period was 3. P. Khojaeva Since 1964, it has become a study of the problems of diagnosis and treatment of acute closed traumatic brain injury.
Since 1975, under the leadership of Yu.I. Datkhaev, the Department of Faculty Surgery developed methods for the diagnosis and treatment of acute diseases of the abdominal organs.
From September 1986 to 1990, the department was headed by Associate Professor P. A. Kamilov. The department continues to study various aspects of acute surgical gastroenterology.
Since 1992, Professor T.G. Gulmuradov. The team under his leadership continued to develop urgent problems of emergency surgery, in particular surgical hematology.
Since 2004, the department was headed by an academician, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Republic of Tatarstan, MD Professor Kurbonov K.M. The main scientific direction of the department was emergency surgery of abdominal organs, emergency coloproctology. Department staff are working on the development of a new scientific project "Surgery of the hepatopancreatobiliary zone and emergency colloproctology"
In 2017, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Nazarov Shokhin Kuvvatovich was appointed the head of the department. Today, the academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, MD, professor Kurbonov K.M .; MD, associate professor Makhmadov F.I .; Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Kholmatov P.K .; MD, Associate Professor Saraev A.R., MD, Associate Professor Gulomov M.Sh. Assistants of the department are Ph.D. Saidaliev Sh.Sh., Ph.D. Ruziboyzoda K.R., Ph.D. Ali-Zade S.G., Ph.D. Nazarov Kh.Kh., Ph.D. Dzhonov B.N., candidate of medical sciences Sobirov A.J., Ph.D. Vorisov A., Fakirov H.Z. and candidate of medical sciences DavlatovJ.Yo.
The staff of the department is working on the topic of the research work "Diagnosis and surgical treatment of common peritonitis.
The department has always provided and is providing advisory assistance to healthcare institutions of the republic. In addition, consultations were systematically provided to polyclinics in Dushanbe. The department staff annually introduces into the republic’s practical healthcare all new diagnostic and treatment methods (diagnostic and surgical endoscopy, hemosorption, lymphosorption, MRI, ultrasound diagnostics and several others). The department is also a training center for emergency surgery of abdominal organs in the republic where more than 600 highly qualified surgeons are trained in residency courses of the FPK.
The department was the organizer of a number of republican scientific and practical conferences, congresses of surgeons of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, the department staff participated in many international conferences on endemic goiter, urolithiasis, emergency surgery of abdominal organs and neurosurgery.

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