80 years of SEI “Avicenna Tajik State Medical University“

80 years of  SEI  “Avicenna Tajik State Medical University“
At the department of propaedeutics of children diseases of SEI «ATSMU» 14.11.19 year , an open lesson was held on the topic of ”80th anniversary of SEI ATSMU” in two languages (English, Russian ) with the participation of teachers of the department and students of the 46th and 34th groups of the 3rd year of medical faculty and 12th group 2nd year bachelors (teacher – Kasimova P.V). Presentation was prepared by students of group 12th : Raj Dona , Arsal Ansari, Manza Diya.
Avicenna Tajik State Medical University is established in the year 1939 and it is considered as on of the oldest Medical universities in the world. By the beginning of 1989 there were 51 doctors and 326 candidates of sciences working at the institute, and there were 70 faculties and 10 courses were functioning. In the year 1993 the Tajik State Medical Institute received the status of Tajik State Medical University after name of Avicenna. Till 2009 the ATSMU was training the specialist on six years program in Medical faculty, In the year 2010 ATSMU started the 5 years complete MBBS program (with internship) for foreign Medical student. A number of scientific-research projects of international and national significance have been accomplished on the university base. The University is recognized as partner for Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate (ECFMG-USA), and the graduates from this university are eligible for higher studies in America. ATSMU is considered as a desirable host for international scientific conferences and symposia held in various fields of science. `During Tajikistan's member ship in USSR, this university was recognized as the second largest university in all of USSR . One of the primary goals of the University is to adjust the national system of medical education to join the world community of medical education and provide the development of the international cooperation in the field of training and advancing the professional skill of the medical staff.
EMOMALI RAHMON is a Tajikistan politician who has served as president of Tajikistan since 1992.his rule is commonly regarded as a dictatorship. He played an immense role building up the university to a higher level and to get out the best achievement a university could posses. His immense efforts and hardship bring out the best a university could have in the past as well the present, future years. University is considered a key scientific-methodical base of the Ministry of Health of the Republic, and the majority of achievements in the sphere of public health services of the country are directly connected with the activity of its professors. Each year the staff of the University carries out over 15000 surgical operations and over 45000 remedial and consultative actions that makes about 60% of all medical interventions to be carried out in the healthcare facilities of the city of Dushanbe. ATSMU has 796 faculty members working in 63 chairs, where the majority are outstanding and highly professional scientists. The University has four faculties - Medical, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical and Public Health Faculty. The total number of students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels makes 8844, including over 500 international students from 15 countries, such as India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan. ATSMU is included in the catalogue of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and the Directory of the Medical Universities of the World Health Organization. The improvement of the quality of education and advancement of the level of training of the medical staff for the system of public health of the country is the priority goal of the management of the University.
Department of propaedeutics of children diseases
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