Training activity

Lectures are given at the department and practical programs are held in accordance with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan approved at the 5th year of the Ministry of Finance, the 4th year of the Dental Department, the 6th year of the PhD, the 6th year of the Faculty of Pediatrics. The Department of Phthisiopulmonology has developed appropriate programs for teaching 4-6 year students, as well as work programs for clinical residency. In accordance with the requirements of these programs, training programs and lesson plans were created.
The department has provided and continues to provide advisory assistance to public health institutions of the republic (Kurgan-Tyube, Kulyab and Sughd region). Every year, the department’s employees introduce new diagnostic and treatment methods into the republic’s practical healthcare. tuberculosis (innovative methods for detecting tuberculosis Genxpert, Hain test, CT, MRI, ultrasound - diagnostics and several others). The department is also a training center for thoracic surgery of the chest cavity in the republic, where resident surgeons take courses (42 hours). The department is the organizer of a number of republican scientific and practical conferences, TB specialists of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, the staff of the department are participants in many international conferences on the treatment of MDR and XDR.

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