History of the department

The Department of Phthisiology was organized in 1959 on the basis of the Republican Tuberculosis Hospital and the Republican Tuberculosis Dispensary. The teaching of phthisiology was introduced on January 17, 1943. and was conducted until 1.01.1956 by the head physician of the Republican TB dispensary T.A. Felitsina at the Department of Therapy.
From 1956 to 1959 Phthisiology was taught simultaneously with the course of internal diseases by the therapeutic departments. After the organization of the department on the basis of the RCTB No. 1 (Rakhaty village), its first head and founder was Yuri Denisovich Yatsozhinsky, who deals with the surgical treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. The staff of the department, along with pedagogical work, was engaged in the preparation of scientific personnel. during this period, I.E. Brooker, M.K. Muradov, Ya.E. Kimyagarov. V.Yu. Kraulis, Z.A. Guyeva, A.A. Lebedev. The staff of the department together with the doctors of the hospital widely introduced new surgical methods for treating patients with tuberculosis. During their work, they published more than 25 scientific papers on the surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and on the issues of labor and medical rehabilitation of operated patients. In 1966, Yuri Denisovich moved to work at the Yalta Institute of Tuberculosis. And in the same year, Ph.D. was invited to work from Donetsk Evgeny Leonidovich Melnikov. Head of the Department until 1973 Melnikov E.L. paid much attention to the training of scientific personnel. The scientific work of the department was devoted to problems of increasing the efficiency of treatment of patients with tuberculosis, problems of laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis, determination of the species (CD) of mycobacterium tuberculosis. During this period, practical doctors were also engaged in scientific work, who subsequently defended their candidate dissertations, L.A. Iskandarova, Kutkov, N.G. Egorova, H.A. Rasulov, F.A. Rakhmanin. At the department in 1969, a department of advanced training for doctors was organized at the department. During their work, they published 32 scientific papers.
In 1961, the Department of Pediatric Tuberculosis was organized, which was headed until 1968. Ella Zinovievna Sorkina, a professor from Moscow, who devoted a lot of effort to training both scientific and pedagogical staff and practical doctors. Over the years, more than 120 phthisiopediatricians have been trained. The scientific work of the department was devoted to the clinic and the epidemiology of tuberculosis in children, Ella Zinovievna was engaged in the preparation of scientific pedagogical personnel, under her leadership A.D. Chugunnikova, L.F. Portnova, E.A. Ishan-Shaw, T.V. Chebotareva. She has published 63 scientific works, one of which is a monograph on the theme "Primary tuberculosis infection in children." In 1968, after the retirement of E.Z. Sorkina returned to Moscow.
In 1970, the Department of Pediatric Tuberculosis merged with the Department of Phthisiology; at the department, a course of improvement of doctors on tuberculosis functioned. After leaving E.L. For 2 years, the duties of the head of the department were performed by associate professor Maruf Akhmedovich Pulatov. In 1974, Professor Lyudmila Pavlovna Firsova from the Research Institute of Tuberculosis of Belarus competitively entered the chair of the Department of Tuberculosis of the Tajik State Medical University and until her retirement (1986) she worked in this position. Lyudmila Pavlovna was an excellent clinician and teacher, paid a lot of attention to the scientific work of the department, improving the pedagogical skills of employees. On her initiative, a compulsory treatment department was organized for patients with infectious forms of tuberculosis who are refusing treatment, and the Central Medical Commission under the Republican Tuberculosis Dispensary. Under her leadership, D.M. Yusupdjanova, F.R. Dzhalilova, doctoral dissertation T.V. Chebotareva.
From 1987 to 2014, for the first time, the head of the department was a graduate of the Abuali Ibni Sino TSMU, professor Umriniso Yusupovna Sirodzhidinova, she deals with the clinic, preventing tuberculosis in highlands, increasing the effectiveness of prevention and timely detection of tuberculosis in children from foci of infection, the effectiveness of short-term chemotherapy for tuberculosis patients. Under her leadership, Ph.D. Z.Sh. Dustmatova, M. Makhsumov, S.M. Saydaliyev, and P, P. Dzhumaev, K.I. Pirov have been tested at the Central Research Institute of Moscow and are preparing to defend their dissertation. From September 2014 to the present, the department is headed by Ismoili Somoni State Prize Laureate for Science and Technology of the Republic of Tatarstan, a young promising specialist, MD Abdurasul Boboevich Sanginov.
The department works closely with the country's tuberculosis institutions and international organizations. The staff of the department published 30 monographs and manuals, including 2 textbooks “Silshinosӣ” in the state language and “Differential Diagnostics in Phthisio-Oncopulmonology” (2018), a dictionary on phthisiology, a lot of guidelines for general practitioners and phthisiatricians, 4 Programs for protecting the population from tuberculosis.
Pedagogical frames
The first assistants of the department: Honored Doctor of the Tajik SSR - Z.A. Gueva, A.D. Chugunnikova A.D.M.A. Pulatov, L.F. Portnova, E.V. Canova, M.K. Murodov, N.R. Aminov, E.V. Panova, G.S. Hayrapetyants, A.M. Safarmamadov, V.S. Sabchuk, K.T. Temirov, U.M. Rakhmonov, F.I. Yumagulova, E.A. Eshan-Shaw, T.V. Chebotaryova, U.Yu. Sirodzhiddinova, Kh.M. Abdurakhmanova, F.R. Dzhalilova, D.M. Yusupdjanova, Z.Yu. Zhdanova, V.M. Karimov, V.R. Albrecht, O.K. Saidova, Nematov M.M.
Since 1986 L.V. worked Kazachuk, O.A. Borisova, M.M. Khalilova. Z.S. Dusmatova, T.M. Kurbonalieva, F.S. Bikmetova. Currently, the department has a doctor of medical sciences. Professor O.I. Bobokhodzhaev. M.B. Mirzoeva G.M. Kholbutaev, L.Sh. Ukumatshoeva, Kiyomiddinov Kh.Kh., U.I. Rozikov.
At the Abuali ibni Sino TSMU from the Center for Postgraduate Training at the Department of Phthisiopulmonology, surgeons take a course in thoracic surgery.

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