Teaching activity

The 3rd year students of the medical, pediatric, dental faculties, the faculty of public health and the pharmaceutical faculty (3 and 4 courses) study at the Department of Pharmacology. The department compiled Silabuses (programs) in pharmacology for all faculties, there are methodological developments in all sections of pharmacology in the state, Russian and English languages.
The “Course of lectures on pharmacology” (auth. B.A. Ishankulova and M.V. Urunova, 2005 and 2009) and the textbook “Pharmacology” (auth. B.A. Ishankulova, 2013 and 2019) in the state language, “The course of lectures on pharmacotherapy” (author B.A. Ishankulova B.A. 2017). In all sections of the discipline, there are more than 40 instructional guidelines and developments in the state, Russian and English languages.

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