Scientific activity

The scientific direction of the department is devoted to the topic "Study of promising medicinal plants of Tajikistan and the creation of new phytopreparations based on them." In particular, the department’s employees comprehensively studied the hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and other types of action of hill geranium, Japanese sophora and cultivated grape leaves, Rhodiola Pamioalai, whose raw material reserves are very large in our republic. 5 Patents and 2 rationalization proposals for the development of new herbal remedies based on medicinal plants of Tajikistan were received. Monograph “Pharmacology of some sugar-lowering medicinal plants of Tajikistan” (author Ishankulova B.A., 2015). Currently, according to the Project approved by the Ministry of Health and the Republic of Tatarstan and the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, the department’s employees are studying the pharmacological properties of Rosenbach onion and giant Regel (siehalaf and model), quince leaves, Spanish herbs and nettles. Articles and theses on this issue were published.
The department has strengthened scientific and pedagogical ties with the departments of pharmacology of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.  Coordination of scientific topics is carried out with the Institute of Chemistry. Nikitin, Laboratory of Pharmacology, Institute of Gastroenterology, Academy of Sciences of the RT, with the Institute of Nutrition under the Ministry of Industry of the RT, Kyrgyz Medical Academy I.A. Akhunbaev, Kazakh National Medical University. Asfandiyarova.

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