History of the department

The Department of Pharmacology was established in 1941. The first head was Associate Professor Vladimir Erastovich Maevsky, assistants were M.A. Novikova-Smirnova, T.A. Melnikova, N.A. Troitskaya, Z. S. Kasymova, Z. A. Gavrikova, G. L. Mednik.
From 1954 to 1982, the department was headed by Professor Grigory Lvovich Mednik.
G.L. Mednik actively prepared medical and scientific personnel, devoted a lot of energy and energy to improving teaching and optimizing the educational process at the university, developing topical issues in pharmacology, and actively participated in many scientific forums.
Being a brilliant lecturer and a talented teacher, G.L. Mednik enjoyed great success and authority among students and doctors.
Under his leadership, the department has always been one of the leading in the Tajik State Medical Institute both in the educational and methodological process, and in the research direction. The staff of the department at that time was actively engaged in the study of the anti-inflammatory properties of drugs on various models of inflammation in laboratory animals.
Under the supervision of Professor G.L. Mednik, 13 dissertation papers were completed. Among his students is Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, Professor K.Kh. Khaidarov, Academician of the International Engineering Academy of the Russian Federation, Professor Yu.N. Nuraliev, Professor B.A. Ishankulova, who are currently continuing to actively develop pharmacological science in the republic. Professor G.L.Mednik did a lot of public work, being a member of the Presidium of the UMC and the chief toxicologist of the Ministry of Health of the Tajik SSR, a member of the editorial board of the journal “Health Care of Tajikistan”, and chairman of the society of pharmacologists of the republic. For 13 years he was the scientific secretary of the Tajik State Medical Institute. Abouali ibni Sino.
From 1982 to 1995, the department was headed by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Saodat Abdurakhmanovna Umarova. She also performed great public work, being for several years the chairman of the women's council, the deputy chairman of the party committee of the institute.
From 1967 to 2007, Larisa Grigoryevna Postrzhigach spent her pedagogical activity at the department from the resident to the assistant professor of the department, for many years she was responsible for the educational process, generously shared her pedagogical experience with young assistants.
In 1995, B.A. Ishankulova was elected the head of the department of pharmacology. He graduated in 1972 from the Tajik State Medical Institute. Abouali ibni Sino, she was enrolled in the residency at the Department of Pharmacology and all her activities to this day are devoted to the work and development of this department.
In 1982, B.A. Ishankulova defended her thesis on "The effectiveness of cortisone and brufen in various ways of their administration during the course of adjuvant arthritis."
From the first days of heading the department, Buston Astanovna Ishankulova pays great attention to educational work. In all sections, teaching aids have been supplemented and published, a variety of visual demos on stands, posters, individual teaching folders with files have been created. Particular importance is given to instilling in students practical skills - the ability to administer drugs to laboratory animals in various ways - oral (using probes), subcutaneous, intravenous, intramuscular and inhalation. Important in this case is training in dose calculation per kg of animal weight and compliance with ethical rules in the treatment of animals.
The department regularly holds open lessons and lectures by the department head and associate professors, and the teaching methodology is being improved. Mutual visits to open lessons, lectures, practical exercises, educational and methodological developments are systematically discussed at the cathedral meetings, and the professional level of teaching is evaluated.
In connection with the transition to the official language, the “Course of lectures on pharmacology” (ed. B.A. Ishankulova and M.V. Urunova; 2005 and 2009) and the textbook “Pharmacology” were published (auth. Ishankulova B.A., 2013, 2019) in the state language, the book “Course of lectures on pharmacotherapy” (2017). In all sections of the discipline, there are more than 40 instructional guidelines and developments in the state and Russian languages ​​and 3 in English.
In 1991, B.A. Ishankulova completely changed the scientific direction of the department, and the team under her leadership began to actively study medicinal plants of Tajikistan with antidiabetic properties. In particular, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and other types of action of hill geranium, Japanese sophora and cultivated grape leaves, the stocks of raw materials of which in our republic are quite large, have been comprehensively studied.More than 400 scientific papers have been published on this issue, a doctoral dissertation by B.A. Ishankulova and 6 master's theses by U.P. Yuldasheva, M.U. Sharofova, M.V. Urunova, F.M. Khodjaeva, M.Kh. Muzafarova and S.N. Ismatov.
In 2000, B.A. Ishankulova was appointed Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at Tomsk State Medical University named after Abuali Ibni Sino and worked until 2005. Along with the pedagogical and scientific-organizational work at the native department, she actively joined the reform of medical and pharmaceutical education at TSMU named after Abouali ibni Sino. On this issue, she participated in the International Seminars in Russia (Dubna, 2003), in the USA (Florida Tampa, 2004), repeatedly in Central Asia, and also participated in the Russian Congress "Man and Medicine" in Moscow (2009), Congress in Central Asia “Antibiotic Resistance” in the city of Karaganda of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Employees of the department take part in the work of the All-Union Congresses of Pharmacologists, Congresses of Pharmacologists of Russia, Congresses of Pharmacists of Central Asia, the Russian Congress "Man and Medicine" and in all congresses and republican conferences and scientific societies held within the walls of the TSMU.
Employees of the department periodically appear in television and radio programs on popular science topics to the population on the rational use of medicinal plants. Also on the pages of the media they present the results of their scientific research on the study of promising medicinal plants in Tajikistan.
At the department, aids to navigation are actively functioning, where students and their teachers conduct research work on the department’s subjects, as well as make reports and prepare abstracts on topical issues of modern pharmacology. The results of the work of SSS are systematically reported at scientific and practical conferences of young scientists, annual conferences of TSMU and neighboring countries.
From 2018 to the present, MD, Associate Professor M. Urunova works as head of the department of pharmacology.

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