History of the department

After the discovery of the TSMI in 1942, the Department of Eye Diseases was founded. The main clinical base of the department in those years was the eye department of the city clinical hospital No. 1 with 45 beds. L.F. Paradox becomes the first head of the department (1942-1954).
The activities of the department played a huge role in the development of eye care in Tajikistan. In addition to pedagogical work with students of the medical institute, doctors constantly trained at the department.
Over the last 10 years of his life, L.F. Paradoxov prepared 34 ophthalmologists who devoted their activities to the development of ophthalmology in the republic: V.B. Geft, Yu.N. Rybalskaya, B.A. Tarpy, A.K. Kolonov, M.D. Bunkina, T.I. Sergeeva, E.I. Demina, S.G. Popandopulo, N.N. Lebanese, A.K. Arzamasova, B.M. Vovsi, K.V. Ilyina, Yu.S. Sharipov and others. Total L.F. Paradox published 47 scientific papers.
From 1954 to 1972, the head. The department was Professor V.B. Geft. Great attention in the scientific and practical activities of VB Geft focuses on the problem of glaucoma. B. B. Geft is persistently pushing for the opening of the first Central Asian glaucoma cabinet with a 4-bed night hospital located in the outpatient department of City Clinical Hospital No. 1.
After moving the eye clinic in 1965 to a new base in Republican Clinical Hospital No. 3, in the Kara-Bolo district (GU NMC RT “Shifobakhsh”) in Dushanbe, the bed capacity increased to 120 inpatient beds 3 eye departments (2 adults and 1 children's) were organized.
The department receives a special room for the educational process during these years, the number of training rooms increases to 4. The expansion of the main base of the department contributed to the improvement of the organization of practical classes with students of two faculties, as well as theoretical and practical training of doctors in the cycles of specialization and improvement.
During the time the department was headed by associate professor V.B. Geft mastered a number of new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Gonioscopy, tonography, compression tests, ophthalmochromoscopy, campimetry began to be used.
In 1973, B.M. Vovsi is elected as the head of the department. Over the years, the volume of pedagogical work has increased, the number of training rooms reaches 7, which are equipped with the necessary visual aids and equipment for the clinical analysis of patients.
The staff of the department continues to replenish with new assistants: candidates of medical sciences A.M. Mazabshoev, I.M. Halperin, J.M. Akhmedova. In 1974, the head of the department B.M. Vovsi awarded the title of professor. In 1980, Z.D. Akhrorova was elected to the position of assistant professor, the title of assistant professor was awarded to her in 1981. Since 1978, specialization courses for doctors have been resumed and regularly conducted. At this time, methods of sealing the wounds of the eyeball with the help of various suture materials (B.M. Vovsi, I.M. Usmanova, A.M. Mazabshoev) were improved, the processes of reparative regeneration of eye wounds (B.M. Vovsi, I.M. Usmanov) and metabolism, the state of the barrier mechanisms (hematophthalmic, corneal) of the wounded eye (B. M. Vovsi, I. M. Halperin, I. M. Usmanova), the hydrodynamic state of the eye under the influence of corticosteroids and ATP (B. M. Vovsi , I.M. Usmanova, A.V. Ryabikova).
In the 70s, the level and volume of research on the second problem developed by the department, glaucoma, significantly increased. The Republican Center for the Fight against Glaucoma is organized in the Republican Clinical Hospital No. 3, which is the main base of the department, therefore the Center is managed by the Department of Ophthalmology to this day.
The main area of ​​research in these years is devoted to studying the level of ophthalmotonus and hydrodynamic indicators in different climatic and geographical conditions of Tajikistan. In the same years, the hemodynamic features of the eye were studied in patients suffering from general circulatory disorders (hypertension, hypotension, atherosclerosis, lung disease, rheumatism). These studies were performed by B.M. Vovsi, I.M. Usmanova, A.A. Serobyan, I.M. Halperin, Z.D. Akhrorova, N.V. Efremova).
In the 80s, on the problem of glaucoma, the department staff defended 5 theses: 4 candidates (A. A. Serobyan, “Hemodynamic eye examinations in residents of different heights of Tajikistan in norm and pathology”, N. P. Zelenskaya “Criteria for the progression of stage I of open-angle glaucoma with normalized ophthalmotonus”, V.E. Cherepov “The role of ophthalmic echobiometric studies in the prognosis of glaucoma in the population of Tajikistan”, R.V. Bakhodirova “Combined laser exposure method (according to M.M. Krasnov) in the treatment of lane ary open angle glaucoma "and 1 doctor: ZD Ahrorova" Some epidemiological and medico-social aspects of primary glaucoma ».
In 1981, at the initiative of B.M. For the first time, Vovsi organized the Republican Trauma Center on the basis of a specialized trauma polyclinic office and an eye hospital profiled for injuries at the Department of Clinical Hospital No. 3.
From 1991 to 2011, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Z.D. Akhrorova - a graduate of the Tajik State Medical Institute. Abouali ibni Sino. After the civil war, the department staff tried to preserve all the traditions laid down by previous teachers: cataract surgery is performed with implantation of IOL, glaucoma, injuries of the eye and its appendages, retinal detachment, keratoplasty. Widely used laser, ultrasound treatment and diagnosis methods.
From 1991 to 2008, 4 candidate dissertations were defended - (Semenova I.F. 1999, Ostonaeva P.M. 2003, Gafurova LB 2003. Mirzoev S .M. 2003), three of them directly under the guidance of Professor Z.D. Aњorova. Teaching aids have been prepared, the teaching process has been delivered in the state language, textbooks have been translated into Tajik.
Since 2011, the department has been headed by MD, associate professor, Excellent worker of healthcare of the Tajik SSR, A. Mazabshoev Associate Professor A. Mazabshoev He is the author of more than 50 scientific papers, including educational ones. Under his leadership, a textbook on eye diseases in the Tajik language was published for the first time in the republic. Associate Professor Mazabshoev devoted more than 50 years of his life to work at the department, and despite his age, today, together with the staff of the department, he is actively conducting educational, scientific and medical work.
Since 2013, the department has been headed by the Excellence in Health Care, Excellent Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, doctor of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Mahmadov Shamsullo Kurbanovich. Makhmadov Sh.K. He is the author of more than 120 scientific papers, 12 teaching aids, 1 teaching aids and 5 rationalization proposals and acts of implementation.
Currently, 3 candidates of medical sciences, associate professor; Mazabshoev A.M., Makhmadov Sh.K., Karim-zade Kh.D., 2 candidate of medical sciences; Ostanaeva P.M., Yunusova Z.I., 6 assistants; Kodirova N.A., Halimova Z.S., Rakhimova Z.I., Karimov M.B., Suleimanova F.A. Babaeva T.S. Khaidarov Z.B. and laboratory assistant Ziyozoda M.

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