Department clinical base

The clinical base of the department is the eye departments of the State Medical Center of the RT “Shifobakhsh”, which are designed for 120 beds (1st eye department, 2nd eye department, children's eye department) for patients with eye diseases, Republican Glaucomatous Center, Center for Retinal Pathology, urgent office of the Adult Admission Department of the State Medical University of the Republic of Tatarstan. All employees of the department conduct educational, scientific and medical advisory work on the basis of this hospital. Associate professors and assistants conduct consultations, examinations and rounds of patients, according to the established schedule. To conduct educational work, the clinical base allocated 8 training rooms and a lecture hall for the department. In addition, on the basis of the Abuali Ibni Sino Center for Practical Skills Training, there is an ophthalmological office where active educational and practical work is carried out.

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