Research work of department

93% of the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan is the mountains, and most of the population of the country lives at an altitude of more than 2 thousand meters above sea level. Therefore, the study of the basis of opposition of the body in the pathological state, especially in case of severe injuries of the skull and brain, in difficult unfavorable cases for the body in conditions of hypoxia, has theoretical and practical significance. Z.P.Khojaev, in his doctoral thesis, conducted research on the topic "Peculiarities of the course of acute closed trauma of the skull and brain in high mountain conditions" (1970).
I.I. Lipatsev in 1970 investigated the sides of water-mineral exchange in cases of acute injury of the skull and brain in high mountain conditions and successfully defended his candidate thesis on this topic. The received results show that under high mountain conditions the adaptation period passes with water-mineral changes.
The results of scientific research of L.B.Sergeev on the topic "Healing damaged brain shells after layer-by-layer plastic of soft head tissues with hydrocortisone" is one of the most important works in the practice of neurosurgery of Tajikistan.
From 1982 to 2019 on the most important problems of medicine are defended candidate 's theses of R.M. Murodov (1985), O.S. Sodikov (1985), A.Ch.Chobulov (1990), M.N.Bobojonov (1994), R.N.Berdiev (2001), Kh.J. Rakhmonov (2009), E.S.Husainov (2011), Sh.A. Turdiboev (2015), R.R. Murodov (2015), H.H.Mirzoev (2018), Z.Z.Hojaev (2019), I.M. Habibov (?).
The doctoral thesis of the Head of the Department A.Ch.Chobulov was compiled on the basis of analysis of data of 184 injured people who suffered gunshot wounds of the skull and brain during the armed conflict.
The thesis studied highly informative diagnostic methods, computed tomography, basic types of severe injuries and basic principles of treatment of these patients.
The doctoral thesis of R.N. Berdiev (2007), defended in St. Petersburg, is devoted to clinical diagnostics, anatomy of severe injuries of the skull and brain. In this thesis were studied new modern diagnostic methods, principles of surgery of severe brain injuries.
Since 2016 employees of the department do research work on the topic "Echinococcosis of the brain" (modern methods of diagnosis and treatment). Currently, Associate Professor M.N. Bobojonov is working on a doctoral thesis on "Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Echinococcosis".
Now at the department 2 postgraduate students, 5 applicants - Sadiev R.Z., Khojanazarov F.G., Shoev S.N., Ismoilov K.A., Rizoev I.M. do research work, also doctoral student associate professor Rakhmonov Kh. does research work on the topic "Features of surgical treatment of intervertebral hernia in Tajikistan".
All postgraduate students and applicants approved the topics of their candidate theses in the problematic commission of the optional scientist Council of Avicenna TSMU. Teachers of the department made presentations at regional scientific seminars in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Astana, Bishkek, Vienna, Istanbul, Bukhara, Tashkent and Karaganda on problems of surgical treatment of neuro-diseases.

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