Medical and preventive work

The head of the department Niyazova N.F. (weekly) conducts rounds in the endocrinology departments (adult and children's).
Professor of the Department Anvarova Sh.S. (weekly) rounds are conducted in endocrinology departments (adult and children's).
Associate Professor Juraeva S.D. advises patients in the endocrinological and resuscitation departments of the HMC №1 of Dushanbe.
Inoyatova N.A. Ph.D. advises patients in the endocrinology department of the State Medical Center of Dushanbe.
Assistants Pirmatova M.A., Isakov A.D., Adamkhanova Z.A., Nasyrova B.S., Yuldosheva M.U. examine patients in the endocrine departments of the PMC.
Employees of the department provide advisory assistance in medical institutions of the republic.

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