History of the department

The beginning of the teaching of endocrinology at TSMI was organized as a separate cycle for 6th year students at the Department of Hospital Therapy in 1965. It was headed by Associate Professor D.M. Akhmedov, who defended his dissertation thesis in Moscow in 1959: "The functional state of the kidneys in case of Itsenko-Cushing's disease." The tasks of teaching clinical endocrinology were, along with studying the basics of the pathogenesis of endocrine diseases, identifying the early stages of pathology, mastering the methods of clinical examination and effective treatment of patients. The organization of clinical residency contributed to the training of qualified specialists - endocrinologists in the republic.
With the assistance of the head of the cycle of associate professor D.M. Akhmedov, who was also the chief specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Tajik SSR, a member of the board of the All-Union Society of Endocrinologists, specialized rooms were opened in the cities of Dushanbe, Leninabad, and antigoiter dispensaries in Leninabad and Kulob regions. The staff of the cycle published a methodological letter for senior students "Clinic and therapy of emergency conditions in some endocrine diseases."
In 1975, the endocrinology cycle was reorganized into the course and it was headed by associate professor Z.S. Kasymova, who defended her candidate thesis on endemic goiter of the Middle Urals in 1953. In 1983 the Department of Endocrinology was organizedon the basis of the course, which was headed by Z.S. Kasymova. She was simultaneously a freelance chief endocrinologist of the Ministry of Health of the Tajik SSR, chairman of the Republican Society of Endocrinologists, a member of the Board of the All-Union Society of Endocrinologists. From 1986 to 2015, the department was headed by the Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Republic of Tajikistan, Freelance Chief Endocrinologist of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population of the RT, MD, Professor Sh.S. Anvarova.
Professor Sh.S. Anvarova is one of the first employees of the department. Under her leadership were defended 11 candidates and 1 doctoral dissertation. In the years 1967-1969 she studied in clinical residency in the endocrinology cycle at the Department of Hospital Therapy, in 1969-1972she was a graduate student of the department and was sent for postgraduate studies to Leningrad to the Department of Endocrinology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR at the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology named after Otto.
In 1973 she successfully defended her thesis on the topic “Comparative therapeutic effect of merkazolil, potassium perchlorate and the combined use of these drugs in diffuse toxic goiter.” In 1993 at the Endocrinology Center of the RAMS in Moscow, Anvarova Sh.S. was defended a doctoral dissertation on the topic “Prevalence and clinical and biochemical characteristics of diabetes in a population living in various climatic and geographical regions of Tajikistan”. Sh.S. Anvarova is a freelance to the chief endocrinologists of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan, chairman of the Republican Diabeto-Endocrinological Association.
The department’s employees were also an assistant S. D. Kasymova, who defended her thesis in Moscow on the topic “Diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy and the impact of complex therapy on its course” in 1982, and associate professor Z. Yakubova, who is led by the head of the department, Sh .S. Anvarova defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic “Diabetes in children in Tajikistan” in 1999. From 1997 to 2016 at the department worked ass. Boboev U.K., ass. Umarova N.S. (2005 to 2012), ass. Nosirova M.K. (2016-2018) .
Currently, the following employees are working at the department: Associate Professor S. D. Dzhuraeva, who has been working at the department since 1982, who is responsible for medical work. She defended her thesis on the topic: “The influence of certain socio-hygienic factors on the incidence and prevalence of diabetes in Dushanbe” in 1976. in Moscow. Associate Professor N. Inoyatova, who is responsible for the academic work at the department, defended her thesis on the topic: "The state of the cardiovascular system in hypothyroidism, depending on the severity of iodine deficiency in Tajikistan" in 2002. The work was carried out under the guidance of prof. Sh.S. Anvarova. Since 2017 Assistant trainees Pirmatova M.A., Adamkhanova Z.A., Isakov A.D., Nasyrova B.S., Yuldasheva M.U. In September 2015, the Head of the Department of Endocrinology was appointed an assistant Niyazova N.F. Under the guidance of prof. Sh.S. Anvarova she defended her candidate thesis on "The state of bone sustem and phosphorus-calcium exchange in patients with thyrotoxicosis in iodine deficiency" in 2012.
The organization of the Department of Endocrinology contributed to the comprehensive training of students in medical, pediatric and general medical faculties, subordinates, masters, interns and clinical residents. The department is engaged in the training of highly qualified endocrinologists through clinical residency and internship. Department staff until 2005 actively participated in conducting Improvement cycles for endocrinologists, therapists and pediatricians through the TIIPMK line, and since 2010 they have been conducting cycles at the department through the TSMU line.

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