Educational activities of the department

             Educational work at the department carries out regularly by each employee in the form of conversations on deontological aspects in endocrinology, mercy and humane treatment of patients, adherence to students' uniforms at clinical facilities. All students are familiar with the national concept of education in the Republic of Tajikistan, developed by the Ministry of Education. Permanent interviews with students on the speeches of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan on the media. Students participated in events dedicated to the celebration of: Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, Constitution Day of the Republic of Tajikistan, World Diabetes Day, National Army Day, Mother's Day, Navruz, Victory Day, Children's Day, World Health Day. Students take an active part in all the events prepared by the department staff. We give the information to the information department of the university about the done measures. Every 1st Thursday of the month the department staffs are on duty at the hostel № 4.

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