The scientific-research activity of the department

In 2018, the theme of the department's research work was on the topic of "Studying the features of the clinic, the course, the therapy of chronic recurrent dermatoses of an unexplained etiology, taking into account the type of nervous system". The defense for the last five years: Ustobayeva T. U. "The Role of Family Foci in the Epidemiology of Scabies, Improvement of Treatment and Diagnostic and Preventive Measures in the Republic of Tajikistan", Moscow, 2016; Mirzaeva M. M. “The prevalence, peculiarities of the clinical course, diagnosis, therapy of herpes zoster in the Republic of Tajikistan”, Moscow, 2016.
The topic of research for the period 2018-2023 "The prevalence, the features of the clinical course of chronic dermatoses and cosmetic skin defects, the optimization of therapy" was approved. On this topic, it is planned to defend five dissertations for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. Over the past five years the department published, 88 articles and 51 abstracts. Moreover, the journals of the Higher Attestation Commission has published nineteen of those articles. The work is carried out actively to prepare scientific personnel from among students, interns, clinical residents and graduate students. In this direction, the Department of Young Scientists and Students is conducting functions, at the meetings of which young specialists are making presentations every month, clinical analyses of patients. The department actively conducts training of scientific personnel through postgraduate study, aspirations and PhD doctorates. At present, four candidates and two post-graduate students work on the chair on candidate dissertations.

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