Achievements of the department

1. The best department of the year (2012)
2. The best university lecturer (2013)
3. The best clinical resident of the University (2018)

Awards of the staff of the department

For the achievements in science and effective healthcare, the staff of the department was awarded to the awards of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan: Zoirov P. T. (the winner of the ECO Prize, the Order of Glory), Isaeva M. S. (the Order of Glory, Honoured Health Worker), six employees with the badge "Excellent worker in public health" (Khusainov A.A, Abdieva D. Kh., UsmonovaKh. D., Dadabaev R. D., Saidov B. I., Ismatulloeva S. S.), two employees for achievements in the field of science and technology among young people were awarded to the prize of IsmoilSomoni (Saidzoda B. I., AlievKh. I.).

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