Scientific activity

The main direction of scientific work
1. Synthesis and study of the properties of aliphatic and heterocyclic nitrogen- and sulfur-containing compounds and their functional derivatives.
2. The technological treatment research from the coal deposits of Tajikistan Ziddy and Fon Yagnob.
The work of the student scientific society (SSS)
At the department there is a circle of SSS, which is attended annually by active 1st year students of all faculties and second-year students of the pharmaceutical faculty. As a result of the work, students write abstracts, make presentations, make abstracts and deliver reports at student conferences. The assistant professor Faizilov I.U, professor Khodjibaev Yu.Kh., Professor Isobaev M.J., associate professors Abdirazakov A.A, Sharipova R.Y., senior teaches: Nikolaeva V.V, Sharipova K.S., assistants Shamsiddinova S.S., Melikov M.Kh., Obidov J.M. are as a supervisor for the student scientific work.
Main scientific results on the project theme
A study was carried out on the synthesis of enin triols and their derivatives and the determination of the dependence of their chemical properties and biological activity on structural factors. To this end, the synthesis of geometric isomers of simple monoesters of ditretic enine dioxaldehydes by the oxidation of Z, E-isomers of simple monoesters of primary ditretic enine triols was carried out.
The composition and structure of the obtained compounds was confirmed by IR-NMR spectroscopy, elemental analysis and counter synthesis. The individuality of the compounds obtained was confirmed by TLC on Silufol UV-254 plastics.
Development of a method for obtaining previously unknown representatives of enin triols with isolated multiple bonds and identifying the role of multiple bonds on their choleretic activity. The IR spectra of these compounds were studied in a CCl4 solution and in their natural liquid state in a CaF2 cuvette in a 12-15 μm layer on a UR-20 spectrometer in the region of 2600–4000 cm -1.
The hydrogenation reaction of the previously obtained at the department enin triols with isolated multiple bonds was carried out and investigated, and the limiting derivatives of the above triols were obtained. New derivatives were synthesized in the series imidazo [2,1-b] - [1,3,4] thiadiazole. The optimal conditions for the synthesis of these derivatives are established. Identification and structure of the obtained compounds is proved by various physicochemical methods.
The demineralization of semicoke obtained from the coal deposits of Tajikistan Ziddy and Fon Yagnob was carried out by treatment with nitric acid. It is shown that the ash content of semicoke can be reduced by 2–3 times compared to the initial one. For the enriched semicoke, the iodine number was determined, which indicates an increase in its adsorption activity.
The process of brown coal thermolysis of the Shurabskoye field was analyzed by comparing the kinetics and coke oven gas yield with a change in the technological regime in the range of 300-1000 0С. Their eight fractions of CG obtained the highest yield corresponds to the temperature regime of 700 0C.
The department maintains scientific-research and scientific-methodological contacts with the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan. Nikitin V.I, TNU, TSPU after. S. Aini.

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