History of the department

The Department of Organic and Physcolloid Chemistry was organized in 1970. Before that time, chemical subjects had been taught at the Department of Chemical Disciplines since 1940, in the structure of which there were such subjects as general, analytical, organic and biological chemistry. Up to 1970, the name of the department has been changed several times due to the fact that curricula and plans have been changing, as well as structural divisions of our university. At different times the department was called as organic and physcolloid chemistry, medical chemistry, general and bioorganic chemistry. Since 1998 the name of the department has remained unchanged up to date.
The organizer and the first head of the department was Professor Sabirov Sultan Sabirovich, who was heading it till 1998. His organizational skills, aspiration to the improvement of the educational process and scientific work enhanced him to create the department with a high scientific and pedagogical potential staff. Many affort were directed to create and develop a pharmaceutical faculty, fs he has got a diploma of higher education after graduating from the Leningrad Chemical and Pharmaceutical Institute.
For nearly 40 years of the history of the department, the main tasks of its pedagogical staff was the improvement of educational, methodological, scientific research and educational work.The improvement of the educational process and methods of teaching of academic disciplines of the department has always been, the main task of teachers. Has been published by the department staff in this direction. More than 30 educational and methodical works. Of particular importance is that many of them are published in the Tajik language.
Educational work is another of the most important tasks of teachers. For many years now, all teachers of the department were conducting and are still conducting curatorial work. Efforts and work experience of the department's employees in this field were not in vain, since many of our students still remember their first teachers of with warmth in their hearts.
One of the main achievements of the department is scientific research work. In this area the staff of the department has something to be proud of. They are the authors of more than 400 scientific papers (articles, abstracts, author's certificates, patents, rationalization proposals), which are published in domestic and foreign publishing houses. At the department, completed and defended 3 doctoral and 15 candidate dissertations. The first scientific direction of the department is connected with synthesis and research of substances in the field of chemistry of acetylenic compounds. The scientific interests of the department's staff were always expanding and developing. Were hundreds of new, previously not described in the literature, sulfur- and nitrogen-containing aliphatic and heterocyclic compounds by them. The results of scientific achievements at the department are of great practical importance, since many of the compounds obtained exhibit high biological activity. It has been experimentally proved that many of them have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, analgesic and other kinds of biological activity. One of the drugs, called "Uresultan", has been approved for use in practical medicine. The department conducts a study of the chemical composition of plants of domestic flora containing alkaloids. As a result of work in this direction, the staff of the department isolated about 40 diterpene alkaloids from the local plant raw materials, 15 of which turned out to be new, for them a structure was established. The rest were identified with known compounds.
The teachers of the department were supervising the works of a large number of students of the scientific student society, who delivered scientific reports at annual scientific student conferences. Some of these works were defended as course and diploma projects. For many years the teachers of the department were preparing students for the participation in the Republican Student Olympiad in Chemistry, as a result, our students repeatedly got 1 and 2 places.
While remembering the history of the department, it is necessary to note those employees, thanks to whom all her successes were achieved. This is its founder and the first head of Professor Sabirov S.S., who headed the department until the last day of his life. Prominent scientist and teacher for the great contribution to the development of science and training was honoured by various honorary titles (Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Honored Inventor, Examplery Worker of Public Education), as well as was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. At the department at various times worked professor Narzullaev A.S, Professor Gulin A.V, associate professors Grebennikova A.E, Ismailov D.I, Samiev M.S, Turaev O.D, Gazieva M.T. , Mukhamedkulova M.P, Temurova M.T, Babakhanova M.D, Sverchkova T.I, Faizilov I.U, Matveev V.M; Candidates of Chemical Sciences Ismailov M.I, Gnevasheva L.M, Langarieva D.S, Berdiev A.E, senior lecturers Golovatskaya D.V, Tursunov M.N, Negmatullaev Kh.N., Mirzoyeva Kh. G., Kasymova H.K. and many others. Some of them still working in another places or are on a well-deserved pension and some, unfortunately, have left us forever.
From 1999 till 2015 the chair was headed by Professor Khodjibaev Yu.Kh., under his leadership two dissertations were prepared defended. Professor Khodjiboev is the author of more than 100 scientific and educational-methodical works, of which one monograph, 2 courses of lectures, more than 10 different teaching aids. Professor Khodjibaev Yu.Kh. is an examplery worker of the national education of the Republic of Tajikistan since 1995. Scope of his research work is "Synthesis and study of the properties of condensed heterocyclic compounds of imidazole and 1,3,4-thiadiazole and their functional derivatives". In this scientific direction Khodjibaev Yu.Kh. achieved high results. He synthesized dozens of new heterocyclic compounds of various classes that had not been previously described in the literature and published about 90 articles and theses in domestic and foreign journals.
From 2015 to 2016. Associate Professor Abdirazokov A.A was in charge of the department.
From 2016 to the present time the department is headed by the Ph.D. Associative Professor Faizilov I.U.
At the present time, Professor Khodjibaev Yu.Kh., Professor Isobaev M.J., Ph.D., Associate Professor Abdirazakov A.A, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor Sharipova R.Y., senior teaches: Nikolaeva V.V., Sharipova K.S., Assistants: Shamsiddinova Sh.S., Melikov B.Kh., Obidov J.M, senior laboratory assistant Nadjmiddinova F.S.compose the staff of the department.
In recent years, the department staff has published new courses of lectures on bioorganic chemistry, new standard and working chemistry programs for 1st year students of medical, pediatric, Stomatology and public health faculties, which are the basics for professional medical education. New program is compiled in Russian, Tajik and English languages in accordance with the state educational standard for higher professional education. It contains the goals and objectives of the discipline, the requirements for the level of mastering the content of the discipline, thematic plans for lectures, practical classes and a thematic plan for the independent work of students, according to the provision of the credit training system.
The content of the program on this subject includes such important medical topics as the chemical basis of bioenergetics, kinetics of the enzymatic reactions in the body, the elements of quantitative volumetric analysis, the osmotic properties of solutions, complex compounds and their role in the body, the chemistry of biological elements, biologically active low molecular and high molecular organic substances and their participation in the functioning of living systems, the physics-chemistry of surface phenomena and dispersive systems in the functioning of living systems and physico-chemical properties of solutions of bipolymers.
The program also reflects the physicochemical aspects of various physiological balances: acid-base, oxidation-reduction, metal-ligand, water-electrolyte, hydrophilic-hydrophobic, which provide various parameters of homeostasis in the body.
The content of the program represents the selected integrated course of chemistry necessary for the educational process of training medical personnel.
The department also teaches organic chemistry for the second year students of the pharmaceutical faculty. A new curriculum was established for this course in 2019, according to which the classes at the pharmaceutical faculty are conducted on the basis of a credit training system.
At the department recently has been issued some teaching aids in Tajik and Russian languages,as well as published more than 60 scientific articles and abstracts at the department.

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