Educational work

The Department of Chemistry is annually allocate 7 curatorial groups. Each curator group has a supervisor curator and an educational work (curatorial hour) is held according to the schedule.
Every teacher-curator has the general curriculum of educational work and an individual plan of educational work, approved by the deputy-rector on educational work of TSMU by Abuali ibni Sino. Teachers use this plan in their work. The amount of work performed makes 144-168 hours in total.
It should be noted that the curator's contribution to educational work with students is noticeable. Curators, together with their supervisory groups, participate in department and university-wide events. The following educational work is carried out:
- Evrebody teachers of depertment takes active part in preparation and selebration for 80 yaers of ATSMU.
- Curators with their supervisory groups take part in the events dedicated to ‘’Navruz’’, “Independence Day of TJ”
- Conducted talks on the topic of respect to each other, to the elders, to society, love of the motherland.
- The events dedicated to "Vakhdati Milli, Khodshinosii Millii Javonon va Iftikhori Watandori" were held as well as open classes were also conducted.
- Events dedicated to "Artshi Milli", "Parchami Milli", the day of a Chemist, and others.
- The department conference dedicated to the Victory Day, where representatives of the educational part of the university also took part.
- According to the plan curator groups with their curators visited the National Library, Rudaki Park, Iram, Parcham, museums.

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