Seminar "Risk of spreading coronavirus among the population"

Seminar "Risk of spreading coronavirus among the population"
On 29.02.20. at the Department of Public Health and Medical Statistics with the course of History of medicine ATSMU was held a seminar on the topic "Risk of spreading coronavirus among the population", where participated students of the scientific circle, teachers of department and students of the 3rd year of the Medicine Faculty (bachelor). The seminar had started by responsible for the scientific work with the student at the department Saidova S.N. The students were introduced to the ways of preventing coronavirus, noting that the pathway to this disease was airborne drip, which is followed by breathing and coughing. In the event of a sneeze or cough, the patient can spread the virus to the environment and a healthy person can be infected if he or she does not observe the distance between the infected and the healthy person less than one meter. To prevent infection, first of all personal hygiene must be followed. In addition, avoidance of unnecessary trips to countries where signs of the disease have been identified is recommended. In less we should avoid crowded areas, especially in markets. Wash hands frequently with soap or disinfectants and use medical masks. Touch the mucous membranes, especially the nose, eyes, and mouth with clean hands. Frequent ventilation, walking in the open air and the use of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables are important. Then Jyoti Sharma the student of 3rd course 3rd of group of medical faculty made speech on the topic "Human coronavirus: discovery, history, species and epidemiology". After that the student from the same group Adhayan Choundry made a presentation on the topic "The ways to prevent the spread of coronovirus" .
At the end of the meeting, the participants of the student’s scientific society discussed the questions about the risk level of spreading coronavirus among population of Tajikistan and what measures are being taken to prevent its spread.
Department of Public Health and medical statistics with the course of history of medicine
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