Seminar "Good communication is half the cure"

Seminar "Good communication is half the cure"

On November 25, 2020 at the Department of Public Health and Medical Statistics with the course of the history of medicine of ATSMU in accordance with of educational lessons was conducted seminar with 2nd year students 3-4 curatorial groups of the medical and prophylactic faculty on the topic "Good communication is half the cure".

The seminar was attended by: responsible of the educational lessons at the department Sharifzoda F.J, Curators: Saidova S.N., Yusufzoda P.A., Mamadaminov O.N., and magistrs.

The seminar was opened by the assistant on educational work Sharifzoda F.J., with a speech about the meaning of a good word and its role in treating a patient. She said that each of us who chose the path of healing must master this noble profession with all its subtleties, and in order to be worthy of the title of doctor, we must have good communication skills, be polite and become an example for society. With regard to the treatment of patients, each doctor must find an individual approach to the patient before starting treatment. A doctor should be not only a doctor, but also a psychologist. Politeness and good manners are some of the most important traits in a person's upbringing. There is also the fact that good communication is higher than beauty, and the beauty of a person depends on morality and ethics of communication. Doctors are the last hope for patients. They must treat patients not only with their professional knowledge and skills, but also with soft, affectionate words, warm eyes and a loving heart. Good communication and respect for the patient is half of the treatment, it gives strength and relieves pain. You must always remember that you are a follower of the great Abuali ibni Sino.

Abdusamirova Mijgona, 2nd year student of the 4th group, made a presentation on the topic “Some patients can only be treated with words” and explained some ways about how to treat patients.

Medical ethics are the rules and norms of behavior not only between doctors, but also among the medical community and patients, and their observance and implementation increases the benefits of treatment and has a positive impact on the cultural level of society.

At the end of the seminar, the assistant of the department and curator of the 3rd group Mamadaminov O.N., made speech : It should be noted that the task of every doctor is to maintain health, heal the patient and restore the health. In order to do this, he must first constantly improve his knowledge and put it into practice. However, Avicenna said that the reputation of a doctor depends not only on his knowledge and skills, but also on his morals and ethics. The doctor should be kind and gentle in conversation with the patient, be kind, compassionate and sympathetic to him. 

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with the course of History of Medicine

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