Prevention of the disease is better than cure

Prevention of the disease is better than cure

It's only nine months after we first heard about COVID-19, and the pandemic has claimed the lives of more than one million people and infected over 30 million people in 190 countries. Given the epidemic situation in account the seminar on the COVID-19 pandemic on the topic "Prevention of the disease is better than cure" held at the Department of Public Health and Medical Statistics with a course on the History of Medicine of the ATSMU on 15.10.20. The 2nd year students of the 1st and 2nd curatorial groups of the Medicine and Prevention Faculty participated in seminar.

The teachers of the department Saidova S.N., Isroilova Z.S., Mamadaminov O.N., Yusufzoda P.A., masters and active students took part in the seminar. The seminar was opened by the curator of the 2nd group, Sharifzoda Firuza Jabor, responsible for educational work, she spoke about the need for such a seminar and provided for students information about the causes, consequences, prevalence, infection and ways to prevent this disease, which was provided by the world community. She was also noted that this pandemic poses a serious threat to sustainable development, and this problem can only be tackled with the help of accurate data and ways to protect against the virus.

Then the 2nd year student of the 2nd group Safaraliev Saidvali made a presentation on the topic "Causes and ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus." To prevent the disease caused by the coronavirus, we must:

• Wash hands often with soap or disinfectant;

• Maintain social distance

• Avoid large crowds

• Covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing;

• Avoid contact with people with the flu or people with symptoms of acute respiratory illness;

• Avoid contact with pets and other animals, and wash hands if necessary;

• Seek medical attention if you develop symptoms of an acute respiratory illness;

• A person who is sick with COVID-19 needs to wear a mask, as while sneezing, a sick person can spread viruses up to 5-6 meters.

• Stay home if symptoms of ARS appear.

In conclusion, everyone came to a common opinion - if we all lead a healthy lifestyle, observe all the proper rules and sanitary standards, strengthen our body's immunity, we can reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Department of Public Health and Medical Statistics

with the course of History of medicine

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