The history of department

Department of Health Organization was opened in February 1942 - three years after the establishment of the TSMI. The first heads of the department were consistently: Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor A.S. Raevsky (February-July 1942) and Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor B.M. Lyadsky (until May 1952).
Unfortunately, no documents, including archival ones, about the activity of the department of the first period have been saved. During the following years (until 1954), lecturers from other universities were invited to lecture and take examinations on the subject (assistant professor M.S. Meller, II Moscow Institute).
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Yakub Tojiev, was appointed as a Head of the Department of Health Organization in 1954.
The first teachers at the department were S.M. Popereka-Lange and I.L. Potapov. Lectures on the organization of public health were delivered by Ya. T. Tojiev, and on the history of medicine, associate professor by Y.P. Popereka (otolaryngologist by specialty).
The tasks of the first period were mainly the formulation and improvement of the educational and pedagogical process, the preparation of methodological materials. Practical lessons with students were conducted simultaneously at the 4th, 5th and 6th courses, both on the Health care organization and on the History of medicine. Gradually the material and technical base expanded, experience and skills in educational and pedagogical work are obtained.
The next period in the development of the department can be considered with the 60-ies years. In the late fifties and early sixties, a discussion was held among the scientists social hygienists about the name and problems of this discipline: some were for preserving the name "Health organization", and others were for restoring Social Hygiene as a science and the subject of teaching. As a result, the relevant institutes (divisions), as well as the departments, were renamed into institutes (divisions) and the departments of Social Hygiene and Health Care Organization in 1969. This was the beginning of the next period in the development of this subject.
In the following years, the faculty of the department was enlarged by a graduate of the medical institute V.T. Tkhostova (1957), by the teachers of A.V. Grigorenko (1957), O.M. Galashevsky (1960) and I.S. Iskhakov (1962).
As the number of teaching staff extended, it became possible to differentiate subjects. Thus, the course of the history of medicine began to be read by Associate Professor S.I. Iskhakov, and then M.A. Avazov. The Soviet law course - Senior lecturer Goncharov, and then Z.G. Rizvanova. With the purpose of training scientific personnel, the faculty members were sent to the target postgraduate study (M.A. Avazov, to COLIUV, 1965, A.K Anvarov to COLIUV, 1967, A.M. Mulloyev to LMI, 1976) or were involved in to scientific work as of applicants (V.T. Tkhostova, L.M. Pak, E.A. Nemirovsky), under the supervision of Professor Ya.T. Tajiev.
Gradually, the department formed a scientific potential. Under the direction of Ya.T. Tojiev were defended dissertations of Kh.M. Abdushukurova (1973), V.P. Francishko (1982), M.M. Maksumova (1983), M. Abdullaeva (1988), D.B. Sabirova (1988).
Since 1989, the department was headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Anvarov A.K. The leading period coincided with a difficult period in the history of Tajikistan. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, civil war followed and years of restoring peace on the Tajik land. The teaching staff of the department has significantly changed. It had to re-establish the scientific potential of the department. Under the guidance of the Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.K. Anvarov were prepared and defended after his death (2002) dissertations of B.X. Kobilova (2002), I.A. Filipuschenko (2002), N.S. Juraeva (2004).
From 2002 to 2006 years, B.Z. Nasriddinova carried out the duty of the head of the department. From 2006 to 2010 the department was led by candidate of medical sciences I.A. Filipushchenko. Doctor of medical sciences, Associate Professor S.R. Miraliev led the department from 2010 to Febriary, 2018. Candidate of medical sciences, Associate Professor N.S. Juraeva the head of the department the at the present time.
The department actively participates in academic mobility between foreign universities. The Head of the Department of Public Health and Nursing of the Karaganda State Medical University c.m.s., Professor Zhakenova Saule Rakhimjanovna within the framework of academic mobility have visited our department in 2018. During the visit, an agreement on the inter-departmental cooperation of the two universities was reached.
In addition, since 2017, the department has been implementing the Erasmus + project in partnership with the University of Birmingham, UK (Birmingham City University in Birmingham, UK). The main goal of the project is to conduct trainings (lectures and seminars), exchange of professional experience, culture and traditions of both countries.
Also, the department employees participate in the Erasmus + TUTORIAL Project "Strengthening the Central Asian Network for Education, Research and Innovation in Environmental Health" in partnership with the universities of Italy, Germany, Estonia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

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