Educational Activity

Practical classes and lectures on the subject "Social hygiene and organization of health care" are held at the department for students of the 4th , 5th year of Medical faculty and for students of the 4th year of Stomatology, Pediatric faculties and faculty of Public Health. The 6th year students of the Medical and Pediatric faculties, Faculty of Public Health are trained on the subject "Health Economics". Lessons on History of Medicine are held for students of the 1st year of Stomatological faculty, for the 2nd year of Medical, Pediatric faculties and Faculty of Public Health. Teaching is carried out in accordance with the curriculum, taking into account the specifics of each faculty, the character of the activities of future specialists in Russian and Tajik languages. The foreign students are taught on "Public Health" in English since 2007.
The resource center for Public Health has been opened at the department in 2012 year. The center is equipped with the necessary literature, computers, Internet, there is a connection with the electronic library of the medical university.
The department has implemented a unified information system (on-line information system) for more visual training of students within the framework of the "Strategic Plan for the Development of the Health Information System in the Republic of Tajikistan" since 2014 year.
The department has organized training courses on the issues of politics, management, economics and health management information system for heads of medical institutions and health care organizers since 2015 year.
In addition to the recommended textbooks and manuals on practical exercises, the methodical developments prepared by the teachers of the department are used. 7 methodical recommendations on Public health (in Russian and Tajik) and a textbook on Public Health in the Tajik language and 2 monographs have been published.

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