Training activity

The main role of the department is to train students in the subject of pharmaceutical technology, which are carried out in accordance with the approved plan. Students of the 3rd, 4th and 5th year of the Faculty of Pharmacy are studying at the department in two languages: in Tajik and in Russian.To optimize the educational process during these years, some changes in teaching were introduced (test control of the level of students' knowledge, and the solution of situational problems). For this, more than 1000 test questions have been compiled.From 2016, training at the departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy has been conducted on a credit-modular system. Using the credit system, is possible to solve the following goals and objectives: objectively assess the knowledge of students, intensify the conduct of classes by setting up independent work of students and stimulating their creative capabilities, inform about the preliminary results of the classes, timely warn about the possible final assessment of academic performance in the semester, stimulate interest in the subject under study, attract to participate in the SNO.
The rating of control of current knowledge and independent work of students is estimated by:
- The results of oral replies during the review of the current topic;
- Results of laboratory works and interpretation of the obtained data and their use;
- Results of testing of student’s knowledge on the topic of practical training.
By the end of the class, the three items listed are rated, which are converted to points under the established credit system.
In accordance with the general learning system, students are given the opportunity to obtain good and excellent grades, which obliges them to prepare for classes responsibly and to master the entire curriculum.For students of the faculty, taking into account the specialized classes for the period 2012-2020, the teachers of the Department produced many methodological developments and a course of lectures on pharmaceutical technology, biopharmation, biotechnology and standardization of medicines in two languages.
The department annually publishes methodological developments for pharmaceutical faculty students in Tajik and Russian.
Special blank pages are left in these methodological developments so that students can independently explain their conclusions about the practical works carried out and answer the relevant questions on the topic. As well as every practical work of the student is carried out under the control of the teacher, and conclusions are noted in a notebook.
In the methodological development there are control questions for each topic and for the final lessons.

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