Scientific activity

Currently, there are many different diseases in the world such as cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, etc. In recent years, the attention of researchers has attracted diabetes mellitus as it is among endocrine diseases is widespread throughout the world, especially in developed countries. In addition, the department staff concluded to develop highly effective dosage forms based on LRS for the treatment of this disease. In traditional medicine, a number of medicinal plants, in particular: girasol tubers -Helianthus tuberoses L., have long been used for diabetes, atherosclerosis, diseases of the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract. In recent years, various biologically active additives have been obtained from these plants.
In this regard, phytochemical research of girasol tubers and development of therapeutic and preventive agents based on it is a pressing task.
The theme of our research is “Standardization of varieties of girasol artichoke cultivated in Tajikistan and on their basis the creation of therapeutic and preventive means”. Moreover, And on the part of the staff of the departmentof (head of the department Safarzoda R.Sh), a number of methods of obtaining a thick and dry extract from girasol tubers were developed and a medicinal form of capsules was created based on it. Anatomics - diagnostic signs of girasol tubers - have been studied on the part of staff of the department. Phytochemical analysis of girasol tubers was carried out using modern physical and chemical methods, namely the composition of free and bound carbohydrates, amino acids, ascorbic acid, as well as methods of identification and quantitative determination of polysaccharides, saponins and tanning substances in girasol tubers were developed.
The Department of pharmaceutical technology closely cooperates with TNU, the Institute of chemistry and botany of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikitan, as well as with neighboring countries (Pharm faculty of MMU. I. M. Sechenova, Perm pharmaceutical Academy (Russia), Pharm faculty of the Belarusian state medical University, National pharmaceutical University (Ukraine) and far abroad (Ruprecht-Karl-UnversityHeidelberg (Germany).
In collaboration with the Department of pharmaceutical chemistry and toxicology, a method of qualitative and quantitative analysis of BAS was developed. An experimental analysis of the hypoglycemic properties of Jerusalem artichoke tubers was carried out with the Department of pharmacology. With the Department of biochemistry, an experimental blood test was conducted on the level of glucose in groups of experimental animals, using the method of centrifugation. Macro and microscopic analyses of LRS were performed with the Department of pharmacognosy and phytochemical properties of zeravshansky hyssop, Gorky wormwood, and Jerusalem artichoke were studied. In collobaration with TNU, the chemical composition of Gorky's palyn was studied. With PMMU im. Sechenov developed and obtained a capsule of dry Jerusalem artichoke extract. With the National pharmaceutical University (Ukraine), a technology for the production of soft dosage forms based on zeravshansky hyssop was developed. Dry extract was obtained from Karaganda medical University. With the Perm pharmaceutical Academy (Russia), bila developed a method for cleaning and obtaining bentonite clays, etc.
The main results of the scientific research works of the Department are published at the year-long scientific and practical conference of the ATSMU; scientific conferences of young scientists and students of ATSMU with the participation of foreign specialists; On peer-reviewed bulletin of the HHC of the RF, on peer-reviewed journals of the HCC of the Republic of Tajikistan, and other both state and international bulletin.

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