History of the department

In the seventies, there were difficult conditions in the provision of medicines to the population of the Republic. During the summer period, this problem has become particularly acute due to the sharp increase in intestinal infections among the child population, as well as the lack of pharmaceutical personnel. In this regard, in 1979, the First Congress of Pharmacists of Tajikistan was organized, and it decided on the advisability of opening a pharmaceutical faculty at the Tajik State Medical Institute with the number of admissions of 50 or more students.
In 1980, the Government of the Republic decided to establish a pharmaceutical faculty at the ATSMU. However, a serious problem arose for the opening of the faculty; it turned out that in our republic there were practically no scientific personnel in the pharmaceutical sciences. In order to carry out the task promptly, the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan then Minister of Health of the RT I.A. Saghenin and Rector of the ATSMU U.B. Ishaki - d.m.n. Professor, decided to send to the targeted graduate school, among the best personnel of pharmacy workers of the regions and Dushanbe. The Head of the AGPD of the MH RT recommended from Dushanbe R.K. Yasinov, Z.G Maksudov., from Kulab D.R. Khalifaev (who are the head of the APU region ), from Leninabad region. APU J. Yusupov.
In 1983, Khalifaev D.R. was completing his thesis. At the end of 1983, after successfully defending his PhD thesis and returned to the ATSMU and began teaching, already with students of the 3rd year of the pharmaceutical faculty. At that, time at the department worked 2 Candidate of sciences Khalifaev D.R. and Guberman S.A., and the rest of the vacancies were staffed by part-time pharmaceutical production (Rizoev F.B., Pulatov N.P., Davlatkhadamov S). The laborants were - Saids N.B. and Sultanazarova Z. Further staffing of the department took place at the expense of graduates of the faculty (Nasakina L. A., Jamshedov D.N., Musoev S.M., Rakhimov D.A., Zoirov S. B., Sadulloev D. Sh., Hasanova Z.S., Gulmurodov A.S., Gulbekov M.I., and Safarzoda R.Sh. Abdukarimzoda Kh).
The main tasks of staff member of the department were to develop the educational guidelines, educational and working programs, design of educational rooms and stands with visual aids, provision of demonstration material, technical facilities, and equipment for production of medicines and evaluation of their qualities. In 1988, the department was transferred to the base of the pharmaceutical factory of the General Pharmacy Department of the Republic, but in 1992, due to the reconstruction of the factory, the department was transferred to the vacated premises of the material department of pharmacy №1. The staff of the department organized 4 training rooms and biopharmacy laboratories, which are equipped with the most modern equipment and apparatus. The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology is one of the oldest departments of the SEI “ATSMU” MH and SHP RT. It was organized in 1981. Professor D.R. Khalifaev (1981-2015) was appointed the first head. In the period 2015 -2017 c.ph.s., A.Kh.Valiev headed the department. From 2018, the department has been headed by c.ph.s. Safarzoda Ramazon Sharofiddin. The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology is the producing department. The department teaches subjects for students from 3 to 5 courses: "Pharmaceutical technology" (pharmacy and industrial production) Biopharmation, Biotechnology. As a logical completion of the course, students undergo training and production practices in pharmacies, in enterprises of Dushanbe and in pharmacies of medical and preventive institutions. At the end of the course, it is planned to perform course works and course examinations. "Pharmaceutical technology" is included in the state certification of graduates, as it is a specialized professional discipline based on knowledge of fundamental departments and other specialized disciplines. The department has an experienced staff of teachers. The total number of faculty members is currently 7 people, 50% of the total number of faculty members of the department are candidates and doctors of science. The department covers a useful area of over 120 m2. The classrooms of the department are equipped with modern educational technological and analytical equipment. When conducting practical exercises and lectures, tables, photo albums, thematic sets of slides, multimedia presentations, films, videos, etc. are used. The department of pharmaceutical technology has a student scientific circle, which unites students of 3-5 courses who are actively engaged in scientific work.
For scientific research, the department has 1 training laboratory (58 Shukufon St., 2nd floor of room №5) equipped with modern analytical instruments and tools.

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