Scientific activity

The scientific theme of the department is the project “Synthesis, research, testing of coordination complexes, their use in medicine and production”, which attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign scientists.
The results of scientific work of scientists of the department are considered in 31 publications, including: 19 articles, 7 scientific articles and 5 articles in journals of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation and 3 patents, 3 inventions of these 2 inventions.
To date, 3 articles have been published in the Bulletin of the Higher Attestation Commission for publication in the “Newsletter and issues of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan” and 1 article in the journal “Science and Innovations” in the journal “Izv Universities”. Ivanovo and 2 European Asian patents are pending. Teachers of the department also took an active part in scientific and practical conferences held at TSMU in 2018.
It is known that today the youngest employees of the department are the best of the best, the best inventors and the best teachers. That's all confirmed in our Message and in our speeches: Our Leader, Leader of the Nation, Founder of the World, His Excellency, His Excellency Emomali Rahmon: society, in conclusion, the future of the nation and state. Today, young people need to timely present scientific, cultural and inventive achievements.

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