Department staff awards

Introduce the greatness of Tajik science to the world and today the flag of science and education of Tajiks and Tajiks will be higher and higher. That is why the best invention in the field of coordination synthesis and its application in medicine at the International Women's Inventor is the 11th World Exhibition, held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, June 29, 2018, associate professor Mizhon Shuhratsoda for inventions in the field of chemistry. and pharmaceutical preparations “Metargiri with antimicrobial activity” took first place and a gold medal, which is a source of pride for Tajikistan and, in particular, Tajik State University named after Abouali ibn Sino and every respected and educated young man. It is a Tajik name and owner. On October 13, 2018, assistant chair Mijgon Shukhratzoda and graduate student Rauf Sultonov took part in the republican festival “Young inventors and inventors of the country” called “Young creators of the country” and won a diploma. steel. On December 27, 2018, by the decision of the commission on awarding the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan, Mijong Shukhratzoda was awarded the Young Scientist of the Year Award. The best teacher of the University of Migoni Shukhratzoda took part in the competition "The best teacher of the year in 2018."
The scientific achievements of the department in the field of inventions in 2018 and 2019 were discussed by the radio and television of Tajikistan among the noble people of Tajikistan.
April 26, 2019, dedicated to the International Intellectual Property Day, university staff, head of the department of pharmaceutical chemistry and toxicology, doctor of chemical sciences, professor Rajabov Umarali Rajabovich based on the jury decision “Best Inventor of Tajikistan 2017- 2018 ”and the Order of the Doctor on April 12, 2019 No. 12-FA, the State Pedagogical Institute was awarded the Certificate and Honorary Sign of the State Institution of the National Center for Patents and Information of the Ministry of Economic Development Itijah and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan.
06/26/19-28/06/19 In Seoul, Korea, there was an exhibition of inventions and a forum of women inventors. At the forum of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicology Rakhimova R.N. participated in the contest "Malbinsk as anti-piracy" and was awarded a silver medal.
At the initiative of the Committee on Youth and Sports under the Government of the Republic, a republican contest "Best Innovation Project" was held among youth. In the competition for the best innovative project for the 1st place graduate student of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Zoology, Miigon Shuhratsoda was awarded a diploma and souvenir gifts for the 2nd position graduate student of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Zoology.
Only in 2019 the number of publications is 31 of 19: 7 scientific articles, 5 articles in the journals of the Customs Union and the Russian Federation, and 3 patents for these 2 inventions. The scientists of the department increase the popularity of Tajik science not only by articles and patents, but also by their informative reports at international conferences and symposia, which are of value to modern Tajik science for the whole world. 19 09 2019 14 14 - 14 50 50 Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicity of the Tajik State Medical University named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina, Doctor of Law, Professor Radjabov U.R. on "Water for Sustainable Development" on the Radio of Tajikistan.
Currently, in the conference of the Tajik State Pedagogical University named after Abu Ali ibn Sino in November 2019, 7 articles were published, in the TNU conference - 7 articles, in the reading conference of the Numon Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan - one article. Also based on the decision of the Directorate of ACMU them. Abu Ali ibn Sina 6 articles and reports on the state language, Rogun national honor, Terrorism, folk art, The light of the future scammer, Water for sustainable development, 2019 passed.

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