History department

The course of childhood infectious diseases was introduced into the student education program since 1961 at the Department of Hospital Pediatrics, which was taught by associate professor Weil L.V. and assistant Fetisova S.T. In May 1968, at the initiative of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Abdullohodzhaev Z. Ya,on the basis of the city clinical hospital № 2 (now the city medical center), was organized an independent structural unit of the institute - the department of childhood infectious diseases. In addition to the head of the department, Professor Abdullohodzhaev Z.Ya., associate professor Vail L.V. worked as first assistants at the department Boboev S.B, Levinzon E.N. and Fetisova S.T. In subsequent years, the teaching staff of the department was replenished from among experienced doctors - heads of children's infectious diseases departments having the first and highest qualification category of an infectious disease doctor, as well as from those who completed their studies in clinical residency and graduate school. Some teachers, being assistants of the department, subsequently engaged in scientific work, studying in full-time and part-time postgraduate studies (Melnikovskaya E.V., Rakhmatov N.A., Skibo R.M., Fayzulloev N.F., Bronstein A.Ya., Khojaeva N.M. and Saidmuradova G.M.). At the beginning of the 90th, the department became one of the large departments of the pediatric faculty of our institute, during this period more than 15 employees from among the teaching staff and 6 employees of the teaching and auxiliary staff worked at the department. Unfortunately, in 1991, after a short illness, the head of the department, professor Abdullohodzhaev Z. Ya. died, and because of the outbreak of civil war in the republic, many employees of the department left the city of Dushanbe.

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