Clinical base of the department

The clinical bases of the department were boxed children's infectious diseases departments (120 beds) at the City Clinical Hospital № 2 (now the City Medical Center), the Children's Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital (310 beds) and the City Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital (210 children's infectious beds). Classes at the department for students of the 5-6th year of general medical, medical, pediatric, dental faculties are held in cycles. Students at the 5th year get acquainted with sick children who have symptoms and syndromes of various drip, intestinal and a number of other infections. In the theoretical analysis of individual nosologies of pediatric infectious pathology, emphasis is placed on the sections of epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinic, classification, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of childhood infectious diseases. Subordinates - pediatricians on the 6th year, independently, under the guidance of an assistant, supervise on the bases of thematic patients, are involved in the wards of departments, participate in medical conferences of the clinic, bypasses conducted by the head department, associate professors. At the bedside of patients during the analysis of a specific infectious nosology, sections of diagnostics, differential diagnosis, examples of making a clinical diagnosis, treatment principles, the procedure for discharge from the hospital, recommendations for further follow-up and preventive measures are examined in detail. Since 1978, the department has been actively involved in the training of doctors of pediatric infectious disease specialists through the Faculty of Advanced Medical Studies of the Institute and clinical residency. In subsequent years, the teaching staff of the department led the preparation of interns for pediatricians - infectious disease specialists, and as members of the examination commissions of the Ministry of Health of the Republic, the head of the department and associate professors conducted certification and took final exams for interns. Each year, the department graduated from 2 to 4 clinical residents, and in recent years, in connection with the introduction of master's programs, 4 to 6 masters were trained at the department. In addition, masters of related disciplines, such as neonatologists, phthisiatricians, neuropathologists, masters of family medicine, etc., are being trained at the department.

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