Clinical base and staffs

Currently 3 c.m.s, 2 d.m.s and 2 docents work at the department. The department worksaccording to inter-departmental plan on scientific-research topic: “Influence of environmental factors on health condition and adaptation of newborns and children of early and older age”. Also 2 d.m.s, 3 c.m.s, 1 co-researcher, 3 candidates,2 clinical residents and 6 intern. Study and work at this department. The staff of department consists of 13 specialists, who work at the department from 2 to 30 years: d.m.s, docent D.S. Dokhoev from 2015 was head of department, d.m.s. H.Dj. Aminov, c.m.s. docent G.S. Mamadjanova, docent S.K. Kurbanov, c.m.s., docent Kabilova B.H., c.m.s. Yunusov A.G., c.m.s. Zarifova P.A., senior assistants Umarov H.U. and Samieva N.Sh., assistants: Valiev M.N., Hotamova M.N., Mahmudova M.M., Badalova Z.A., Bakoev F.S., senior laboratory workers Alisherova N.A. and Gulmamadova M.

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