Training activity

Currently, the Department of Pathological Anatomy conducts lectures and practical classes in the fifth and sixth semester of the 3rd year of the medical, dental, pediatric faculties and the Department of Health, in the fifth semester of the 3rd year of the pharmaceutical faculty and foreign students ( bachelors), as well as in the fourth semester of the 2nd year of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the 2nd year of foreign students in the credit system.
Lectures are given at the department and practical classes are held in three languages: Tajik, Russian and English. Lectures are delivered by the head of the department, associate professor Sharipov H.Yu., senior teacher Tagoykulov E.Kh., assistants Akhmedova R.R., Mirzoeva S.R., Salimova N.K., foreign students- Khabirova S.Z., Sangova F., Lectures are given with presentations, tables are shown, examples from the practice of pathologists are given. Students participate in autopsy in the morgue of a forensic examination, in the preparation of histological sections in a histological laboratory. And also, students in practical classes study macropreparations, describe them, study micropreparations, sketch them in their albums, and solve situational problems. In each study room microscopes for micropreparations. The academic load of the department in 2018-2019 amounted to 11324 hours, which were fully completed, 32 of which were completed for educational work. The staff units of the department are 16.5.
At the department, much attention is paid to educational and methodical work aimed at improving the educational process and improving working conditions. After major repairs in 2018, the material base of the department has significantly improved. The department has well-equipped and equipped study rooms, study rooms, laboratories, a conference room and utility rooms for storing material assets and educational and visual aids. The staff of the department focused and is paying attention to the issues of aesthetic design of the department.
The staff of the department continues to work on the translation and writing of new textbooks in Tajik, as well as Russian and English. Currently, there is a sufficient selection of training materials for mastering the subject both in Russian, and in Tajik and English. These are the main textbooks: “Pathological Anatomy” (edited by A. Strukov, and V. V. Serov 2012) in Russian. Textbooks prepared by the department staff in the state language (Tajik): H. A. Boronov, “Anatomy and Pathologists” (2017) and “Anatomy and Ethyloli” (2011), S. Bodov, E. Tagoykulov, S. Mirzoeva, R. , “Anatomy and pathology of covokiidahon” Ibodov S.T., Boronov H.A. vaTaѓoyќulov E.Kh. (2015), manual in English “Pathological Anatomytrainingmanual” by Radjabova A., Ibododov S.T. and Sharipov H.Yu. (2018). These publications are available in sufficient quantities in the library of the State Educational Institution “TSMU named after Abualibni Sino ”in the form of textbooks and electronic versions on the university’s website and in the public domain on the Internet.

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