Scientific activity

In 2016, a new scientific theme of the department was approved: "Pathomorphological characteristics and early diagnosis of tumor lesions of the gastrointestinal tract." All employees of the department are engaged in this problem.
Employees of the department - senior teacher Tagoykulov E.Kh and assistant Mirzoyeva S.R. have been tested and are preparing to defend their scientific work. Head of the Department Sharipov X, Yu. deals with the morphology of colon cancer. Morphological studies are carried out at the Central Scientific Research Laboratory of State Educational Institution “TSMU named after Abualibni Sino ”, the morphological laboratory of the Scientific Center of Oncology, the laboratory of the Istiklol medical complex.
Since 2016, the department’s staff has published more than 50 scientific papers, including in the prestigious journal “Avicenna Herald” and in the journal AvchiZuhal. At the department there is a SSS, all employees take part in it and the most capable students with a penchant for science are involved. responsible assistant T. Kozlova 16 students participate in the student scientific society, 9 meetings were held. Students are mainly concerned with the morphology of tumor lesions of the gastrointestinal tract. In 2019, at the university conference of the university, the 3rd year student of the Faculty of Medicine, Sharipov S., took first place and was encouraged with a Certificate of Honor.
The department underwent primary specialization of 2 doctors, completed residency 1, internship - 1 and is currently undergoing clinical residency, one citizen of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is enrolled in the magistracy.

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