The topic of scientific researching works is “Genetic aspects of stroke and genetic neurologic diseases” №0116TJ00591. During 2016-2020 the members of chair research in the field of genetic neurologic diseases and strokes. They use modern methods of diagnostic such as MRI, CT-scan, defining of biomarkers in genetic form of strokes and riskometer of stroke. In March and September 2019 by the project of neurology chair and contract conventions between ATSMU and college University of London was organized visit of genetic – professor Henry Holden and genetic – researcher Rowan Kairjanov to Tajikistan. The main purpose of this visit was studying genetic diseases of nervous system in population of Tajikistan, defining its molecular – genetic aspect and epidemiology. They also provided seminars in Khujand, Kanibadam and Dushanbe in the topic “Relative marriage and its sequence”. They observed patients with genetic diseases of nervous system, took blood for molecular genetic researches and muscle biopsy.

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