Scientific directions in the work of the department

Research work at the department is carried out on the topic: "The influence of various external factors on the strength and durability of polymers."
A study is being made of the structure and properties of solid polymers; study of the discrete spectrum of levels of physical properties, including strength, durability of polymer films and fibers, their dynamics with separate and combined exposure to various factors. The results of scientific research are published in the scientific journals "Mechanics of Polymers", "High Molecular Compounds", "Physicochemical Mechanics of Polymers", in the materials of scientific conferences and seminars in the Republic of Tajikistan and outside the republic.
The supervisor of the topic of the department is Professor Shermatov D.S.
Performers: Aslonova H.M., Tuychiev A.A., Mirzoahmedov M.Kh. Rasulov S.N.
Educational work
The main attention at the department is paid to political and educational work. According to the distribution of the vice-rector for educational work, 10 groups are assigned to experienced teachers as a curator.
Each year, the senior curator and group curators draw up a plan for political and educational work. Together with the curators, they visit theaters, exhibitions of achievements and museums of the city. Curatorial groups are actively involved in all events held on a university, district, city and republic scale. Especially active curatorial groups at the holidays are awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.
Domestic and international cooperation of the department
Internal communications of the department:
1. Tajik National University,
2. Physicotechnical Institute. S. Umarova A.N.T.,
3. Tajik State Pedagogical University named after S. Aini,
4. Institute of Chemistry, AN RT.,
5. Kurgan-Tyumen University named after Nosir Khusrav.
External Relations:
1. Institute of Physical Chemistry RAS,
2. Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology (MITT) them. M.V. Lomonosov
3. Novosibirsk State Medical University.

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