Training work

The educational and methodical work at the department is supervised by Ph.D., associate professor Ganieva M.P.
Students of the 5th and 6th courses of medical and dental faculties, as well as clinical interns, residents, graduate students, are trained at the Department of Internal Medicine. The cyclic method of training is applied during practical exercises. The focus is on the principles of modern diagnosis, therapy and emergency care in emergency situations. Supervision of patients in the hospital is carried out in the wards of the State Medical Center of the Republic of Tatarstan. Patients are examined in training rooms.
The department is equipped with 14 study rooms. The department staff prepared and used in the educational process didactic material (slides, sets of clinical tests, situational tasks, test tasks, CDs, presentations).
Among the innovative teaching technologies used: multimedia presentations, interactive lectures, seminars.
The department annually conducts methodological work to improve modern forms of training and methods for monitoring students' knowledge, namely:
• Preparation for the publication of teaching aids;
• Creation of visual aids for practical exercises, lectures in accordance with modern and current problems of therapy;
• Development of computer-based training and monitoring programs in the form of computer tests;
• Support and updating the page (site) of the department;
• Continuing education of teachers;
• Peer review of 5 teaching aids, monographs.
Mirzokarimova Nasiba Salimovna - assistant of the department, conducts classes with foreign students in English. At the same time, a situational task is analyzed, students are surveyed on the theory of the topic under consideration, practical work is done at the patient’s bedside, control of the final level of preparation and a demonstration of the correct methods for performing practical skills. Many modern educational textbooks on therapy are used, written by foreign authors and available to the general student masses. Electronic versions of such fundamental textbooks on therapy as Harrison's principles of internal medicine, Davidson's principles and practice of medicine, Cecil textbook of medicine, Kumar & Clark clinical medicine, etc.

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