Scientific activity

At the department today (2020), the degree is 36.4%, including 1 professor, 2 doctors of medical sciences, 6 candidates of medical sciences; 1 PhD PhD student of the 2nd year of study, 5 applicants for a candidate of medical sciences, 4 foreign masters, 36 clinical residents, 6 interns.
The research work at the department is supervised by Ph.D., associate professor Khodzhieva Gulnora Boboevna Ph.D.
The research topic of the department for 2015-2020: "Improving the methods for identifying risk factors, the specifics of the clinical course and treatment of diseases of internal organs, taking into account the regional characteristics of the Republic of Tajikistan."
Topic leader: Department Head, MD, Associate Professor Mustafakulova NI Scientific directions of the department:
- "Features of the course of community-acquired pneumonia in the conditions of the Republic of Tajikistan."
- "Interstitial lung diseases."
- "Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"
- "The state of the cardiovascular system in acute and chronic leukemia."
- "Neuroleukemia."
- "The state of internal organs in chronic renal failure."
Scientific activity of the department over the past 5 years
Rasulov U.R. - MD, professor, author of 35 scientific publications, including 2 textbooks. Mustafakulova N.I. - MD, associate professor, author of 73 scientific publications, including 23 from the list of Higher Attestation Commission, 2 - study guides, 4 teaching aids, 1 rationalization proposal.
The research work of the scientific society of students and young scientists is coordinated by the head of the department, doctor of medical sciences, associate professor N.I. Mustafakulova and senior teacher N. Kh. Bobieva, responsible for this type of scientific work. According to the approved plan of the conference, the scientific society of students of the department are held at least once in each new stream of students. Schedule of meetings of young scientists (applicants, interns and clinical residents): every fourth Saturday of the month. Individual classes are also provided. The scientific community, along with students, includes graduate students, clinical residents, interns, and employees under 35 years of age. For familiarization and promotion of students prepared stand, which indicates all the achievements of the scientific community. The best speakers participate in a scientific and practical conference of young scientists and university students. The results of the conferences can be found on the website of TSMU. Abouali ibni Sino.

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