For the first time in 1942 August 17 (order number 135) the Department of Hospital Therapy was opened (now the Department of Internal Medicine №3 of ATSMU) in Avicenna Tajik State Medical Institute. From September 1942 to October 1944 the department was headed by Professor V. Yu. Ioffe. Further, the department was in charge of (1944) associate professor M.K. Kulmatov, Professor P.N. Stepanov (1946 - 1948), Associate Professor A.M. Dikovsky (1948-1949), Professor S.L. Barkagan (1940-1953), prof. Kh.Kh. Mansurov (1953-1954), Associate Professor S.L. Barkagan (1955-1960), Kh. Mansurov (1961-1974).
From 1974 to 1990, the chair was headed by the Honored Scientist of the Republic of Tajikistan, the chairman of the scientific societies of therapists and cardiologists of the republic, Professor M.Kh. Bobokhojaev. Under his leadership 19 candidates and 2 doctoral dissertations were defended.
From 1991 to 2015 the department was headed by MD, professor, honors pupil of the health of the USSR, the winner of social competitions of the USSR, an honors pupil of national education of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honored Worker of the Republic of Tajikistan U.R. Rasulov. He was awarded the "Shafqat" medal. The department is located on the basis of therapeutic departments of the RCH named after A.M. Dyakova and present time in the National Medical Center of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Since 1992 the Department of Internal Diseases №1 has become known as the Department of Therapy for subordinates with the course of the VPT. The 6th year students study at the department. In addition to therapy a course of military therapy for students of the 4th year of medical profession and the 5 courses of all faculties is being taught at the department. Under the guidance of MD, Professor U.R. Rasulov 16 candidates and 4 doctoral dissertations were defended.
According to the research plan during 1991-1993 the department studied the prevalence and the development of standardized methods of diagnosis and treatment, and the effect of therapy on the internal organs of hemablastosis. From 1994 to 1998 the department developed the theme: "Clinical and morphological features of glomerulonephritis among residents of dry hot climate of southern Tajikistan".
More than 1500 scientific works published by the employees of the department, including 35 methodical recommendations, a collection of scientific works of the department and 5 monographs.
In 2012 a course of lectures on internal diseases in the Tajik language was published, as well as a textbook on internal diseases in Tajik and Russian.
The staff of the department named successfully performed at various congresses, symposiums and conferences. Currently graduates of the Department of Internal Diseases №3 successfully work outside the Republic of Tajikistan, in various countries of the CIS, Germany, Afghanistan, etc.
The department constantly cooperates with leading organizations and research institutes of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China and etc.
From 2009 to 2014 the department conducted research on the topic: "Features of clinical course and treatment of diseases of internal organs".
From 2015 to the present time the head of the department of internal diseases №3 is MD, associate professor Mustafakulova N.I.
One of the main scientific problems of the department at this time is "Risk factors, features of the clinical course and therapy of diseases of internal organs, taking into account regional features of the Republic of Tajikistan". Under the guidance of the doctor of medical sciences Mustafakulova N.I. 3 candidate dissertations are defended and 5 candidates are conducting research.
The scientific student society actively works at the department, clinical conferences and ideological and educational work are held regularly.
Currently, under the leadership of the head of the department MD Mustafakulova N.I. employees of the chair Ph.D., associate professor Khojieva G.B., Ph.D., associate professor Ganieva M.P., Ph.D. Urokov K.Z., assistant and competitor of the chair Karomatova T.I. work on the project: "Risk factors, features of the clinical course and treatment of acute and chronic forms of leukemia, taking into account regional features of the Republic of Tajikistan".
The department most closely interacts with the universities of Russia and Kazakhstan.
Two employees of the department Ph.D. Urakov K.Z. and candidate of medical sciences, docent Jamolova R.J. was awarded with Imoili Somoni Prize.
Employees of the Chair are Candidate of Medical Science, Associate Professor Khojieva G.B. and senior teacher Subhonova Z.I. awarded with a badge "Excellent worker of public health services".

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