Scientific activity

The department is conducting research on the project "Innovative Technologies in Organ Transplantation" (timeframes: 2016-2020).
Graduate student Abdulloev Dilshod Dilmurodovich is currently preparing for testing.
Department Assistant Tagoev S. Kh. is responsible for the research work of students. In the reporting year, the total number of members of the Student Science Club was 14, which is slightly less than in the previous year. The number of students of the 6th year of the Faculty of Medicine was 9-12 people. During this time, eight meetings were held to discuss issues agreed upon with the department. In the reporting year, with the direct participation of young specialists of the department and its employees, 8 different experimental operations were performed on kidney and liver transplants, as well as general and internal surgery. It should be noted that they were carried out on the basis of the experimental department at the department. Active members of the circle also participated in operations. In addition, members of the student research community discussed surgical patients. It should be noted that the members of the circle took an active part in the student scientific conferences of the university and made interesting presentations.  
Number of reports at meetings during the year
A total of 36 scientific papers were published. For the participants of the circle in the clinic, 12 training sessions and 5 special training operations were conducted.
At the scientific conference of students of TSMU in 2019, four students spoke on behalf of the department.

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