Medical and consulting work

Employees of the department take an active part in the medical work of the National Scientific Center for Transplantation of Human Organ and Tissue. The head of the department holds a daily medical conference, discusses all surgical procedures and patients with serious condition. In addition, the head of the department and associate professor of the department conduct a direct examination and surgical operations in patients with severe cases. Assistant of the Department Safarov Ch.S. responsible for the medical work of the department. Dr. Ismoilzoda S.S. is the main specialist in organ transplantation at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan. All assistants and assistants directly and actively participate in the treatment of patients, perform complex procedures and duty functions. It should be noted that in the reporting year, under the leadership of Professor Ismoilzod S.S. employees of the department participate in the treatment activities of the Transplant Center. To date, the number of kidney transplant surgeries has reached 640, of which 126 kidney transplants were performed last year. In 2018-2019, the Center conducted 16 liver transplants.
2493 other surgeries were performed in the departments. Of these, 1647 were planned and 846 were quickly implemented. Of the 2493 operations, 2157 (87%) were performed by the department. In addition, 481 operations were performed by the department staff at the Center, including kidney and liver transplants. During the reporting period, department employees received more than 1510 patients. Also, the staff of the department conducted more than 310 interviews with patients, twice participated in television and radio programs (Ph.D. Gulshanova S.F., Professor Ismoilzoda S.S.). Employees of the department participated in 47 actions of medical aviation, and also took part in the commission for medical examination of students of TSMU named after Abouali ibni Sino.
1.1. The number of examined patients - 1510
1.2. Number of consultations - 310
1.3. Participation in air ambulance - 47
1.4. Participation in the campaign "Health Caravan" - 1

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