Educational activities

The department of histology holds lectures and practical classes in the second semester of the first year and in the third semester of the second year for medical, pediatric, stomatology faculties, faculty of the public health and foreign students (MBBS) credit system.
Lectures and practical classes are brought in three languages: Tajik, Russian and English.
Educational-methodical activities.
The educational- methodical activities aimed at improving study process and working conditions are a subject of a great attention. After the refurbishment of the department, material basis has greatly improved. Now the department has a well-equipped study rooms, cabinets, conference hall and utility rooms to keep materials and visual aids. The staff pays particular attention to the appearance of the department.
The staff continues to work on the translation and writing of new educational textbooks in Tajik, Russian and English. There is a sufficient amount of educational materials both in Russian, and in Tajik. These are the main textbooks: "Histology" (edited by Yu.I. Afanaseva and N.A. Yurina 2007); “Short atlas of the histology, cytology and embryology” (S.I Yushkanceva, V.L. Bikova, 2007). Manual in Tajik include “Boftashinosi”, “Sokhti microscopii uzvhoi odam” (S.D. Juraev 1993); “Dastur az citologiya, embriologiya va gistologiya (2005) “Gistologiyai juzi” (M.B. Bahromova and D.A. Shukurova 2005); “Atlasi Boftashinosi” (S.D. Jurayev 2008); “Histology Atlas” (D.A.Shukurova in three languages 2019). These publications are available in the library of ATSMU in the form of textbooks and electronic versions on the website of ATSMU.

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