History of the department

Department of histology was set from the very beginning of foundation of Stalinabad medical institute in 1939. The doctor of medical sciences professor P.V. Sipovsky was the first head of the department. He made a great contribution to the organization and selection of the department staff, acquisition of the equipment, devices, visual aids and reactants required for the educational process. Professor P.V. Sipovsky worked at the department for two academic years (1939-1940).
From 1941 to 1946 doctor of medical sciences, Professor G.V. Yasvoin, led the department. At that time, the staff of department consisted of five people. Before and during the period of war the main activity of the department was focused on establishment of methodologically correct educational process. At the same time, researches on features of tissue reaction to the extreme conditions took place.
During 1946-1950 associate Professor L. S. Sutulov. By the time, he also held a position of the director of medical institute managed the department. He organized the first high-mountain expedition to the Anzob pass. As a result, in 1949 a group of studies was published under the topic “Unity of tissues structure and conditions of its existence”. They presented the problems of marginal morphology under the high-mountainous conditions of the republic.
In the next 10 years (1950-1960), associate professor I. I. Sharov led the department. Under his supervision, a number of embryological studies with usage of wide range of histo-chemical methods were carried out.
Professor G.G. Samsonidze took over the department in a period of 1960-1964. Under his supervision graduate students of the department started the study of morphogenesis and organ regeneration problems, particularly a comparative research of a compensatory and regeneration hypertrophy of a kidney in different animals. Before the departure of Professor G.G. Samsonidze to Georgia, dissertation of graduate students L.I. Ismailova and F.H. Sharipova were accomplished. These were the first candidate's dissertations on histology carried out by national staff at the department of histology of Tajik State Medical Institute. A.A. Braun led the department in 1965-1972. During this period, the main direction in a study of morphogenesis, organs and tissues regeneration, were the issues of mechanism and character of compensatory and regeneration processes in kidneys, liver, thyroid, spleen in the conditions of highlands. As a result, the staff of TSMI under the supervision of Professor A. A. Braun successfully defended 15 candidate and doctoral dissertations. Professor M. V. Postnikov was the head of the department during 1981- 1991. Under his supervision, the staff was studying regeneration capacity of liver and lymphatic nodes under the destabilizing factors. Embryology museum of the department was founded.
Doctor of medical sciences, Professor F.H. Sharipov (1972-1980, 1992-2003) contributed to the improvement of quality of the practical trainings and lectures by drawing up the profiled methodical developments and manuals on all areas of the subject. The first methodical manual to the practical trainings on cytology, embryology and the general histology was published in 1977.
A big achievement of the department towards the improvement of teaching in Tajik language was the publication of two textbooks by S.D. Juraev: "Boftashinosi" (Histology) (1993) and "Sokhti microscopii uzuhoi odam" (Microscopic structure of the human organs) (1995). There were published manuals on each section of the subject in Tajik and Russian. Cytology- "Huchayrashinosi" (F.H. Sharipov, H.N. Kasymova, 1994). Under the supervision and with the assistance of Professor F.H. Sharipov, 12 dissertations of candidate degree, and one doctoral dissertation was defended.
During 2004-2006 Professor S.S. Kurbanov was the head of the department.
From 2006 to 2012 doctor of biological sciences, associate professor S.G. Mukhamedova was the head of the department.
The special place in the education of staff and students of the department and university is held by candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Mutabar Burhonovna Bahromova who worked at the histology department from 1963 to 2016.
From 2012 to 2017 candidate of medical sciences, associate professor D.A. Shukurova, led the department. The great achievement of the department during this period was an introduction and rational use of innovative approaches in the educational process as an addition to the main method of training. The special computer program "Windows of Knowledge" in the form of an electronic album of histological pictures was created. That enabled students to study the subject beyond the department.
To increase the quality of the educational-methodical work and knowledge level of students that study in English, methodical manuals for Histology and Embryology were created. Since September 2017 until present the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Sokhibova Zufnuna Nazirovna is the head of the histology department.
Currently 11 pedagogues work at the department. Key staff are: c.b.s, associate professor Diloro Adhamovna Shukurova; c.b.s., associate professor Ashurov Abdishukur Tukhtalievich; senior teachers Umarova Zulfia Dilsuzovna, Ziyaeva Zebunisso Jahonovna; assistants c.b.s. Niyatbekov Tohir Pochoevich, Boboeva Gulandom Ahmadshoevna, Hasanova Dilorom Muminovna, Musoeva Nazokat Muhabbatovna, Imomnazarova Vatansulton Shernazarovna, Imomberdieva Muqaddas Abdunazarovna, Safarova Saodat Rahimovna; senior laboratory assistant Sadaf Khamzaeva; laboratory assistant Behzod Rajabov.

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