History of the department

The Department of Forensic Medicine was founded in 1942 under the leadership of Professor A.G. Leontyev. Professor Leontiev A.G. also served as chief specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Taj SSR. The organization of the department gave impetus to the development of personnel in forensic medical examination, as well as in various areas of forensic medicine in the Republic of Tajikistan. Before the formation of the Department, some types of examinations were carried out in the city of Tashkent, which made it difficult to conduct them. After the departure of Professor A.G. Leontyev. from the republic, the department was headed by professor Sipovsky P.V., who was also the head of the department of pathological anatomy. In 1945 Professor P.V. Sipovsky also left the Republic of Tajikistan. After the departure of Professor Sipovsky P.V., from 1945 to 1948 the department remained without a head, department, but thanks to the assistants of the department, it functioned. From 1948 to 1958 he was appointed head of the department S.V. Shershavkin. At the time when Shershavkin S.V. was the head of the department, an impetus was given to the scientific work of the department. In 1949, the first journal of the Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Medical Institute of the Republic of Tajikistan was published. In 1949 Shershavkin S.V. defended his Ph.D. thesis and began developing his doctoral dissertation on the topic: "The history of forensic medicine in Russia in the 17th and 19th centuries." After successfully defending his doctoral dissertation, Shershavkin S.V. was awarded the title of professor. In 1959, Professor Shershavkin S.V. left the side-altars of the Republic of Tajikistan. After his departure, he headed the department, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor A.G. Glushchenko, and he was also the Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Taj SSR. When associate professor Glushchenko A.G. was the chief specialist and head of the department of forensic medical examination, forensic medicine began to develop territorially, district and inter-district forensic medical experts began to appear. In 1961, assistant of the department A.G. Gaibov. began to develop his Ph.D. thesis on the topic: "Pathological changes in the parotid glands at different ages, the cause of death was chronic diseases." After successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis in 1968, A.G. Gaibov. was appointed acting head of the department and began to develop a doctoral dissertation on the topic "The duration of the formation of bodily injuries according to the criteria of morphological changes" and was transferred to the position of head of the department and senior researcher of the department. In 1974 he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation and in 1975 he was awarded the title of professor and he assumed the position of Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Health. In 1978, Professor A.G. Goibov worked as chairman of Method. Council of forensic experts, and was also elected a member of the USSR Academy of Sciences in the field of forensic medicine on the topic "Poisoning in forensic chemistry", upon arrival at the department of Professor AG Gaibov. from the scientific and material side, the department began to develop at a rapid pace. Equipment, colored tables, etc. were purchased at the department for practical training. Assistant of the Department Sanginov D.N. served as assistant professor of the department. 1969 - 1971, associate professor Sanginov D.N. served as head of the department. 1972-1973 assistants D.D. Dzhamolov, R.M. Sultonov, A.A. Juraboev were sent to carry out scientific work in the Russian Federation, where they successfully defended their Ph.D. theses. 1990-2006 the department was headed by Ph.D. Associate Professor Sultanov M.R. During this time, the department trained scientific personnel. In 2004. successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis Z.K. Khushkadamov. Since 2006 Khushkadamov Z.K. was appointed the head of the department. At this time, the department had 3 inventions and over 10 publications of scientific works. In 2007. on a competition head of the department Khushkadamov Z.K. was sent to full-time doctoral studies at the MMA them. IM Sechenev at the expense of the reserve fund of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan. In 2010. successfully defended his doctoral dissertation and returned to the department to continue his scientific and pedagogical work.
On a competitive basis and at the choice of the Academic Council, since October 2012, Doctor of Medical Sciences Z. K Khushkadamov was appointed head of the department

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