Educational activities

Learning Activities
The department conducts practical classes and lectures on the subject of "Forensic Medicine" for 5 year students of medical and pediatric faculties, as well as 4 courses of the Faculty of Dentistry and 6 courses of public health faculties, 3 courses of bachelors ... Classes are held in accordance with the curriculum, for each faculty, in three languages: Tajik, Russian and English.
Since 2014, the department, in terms of the implementation of the "Plan for the strategy of the health information system in Tajikistan", has been connected to a single information network to improve the quality of student learning. Since 2018, the department has organized an advanced training course in forensic medicine.
Educational and methodical work
The department conducts its educational and methodological activities in accordance with the program plan of the educational part. At the department, methodological developments and teaching aids are published in two languages ​​- Tajik and Russian. Almost every year, due to changes and additions of new data, all programs are re-edited and printed. The staff of the department published a book of forensic medicine in the Tajik language in two volumes, as well as guidelines for students "Inspection of the scene", "Determination of the severity of bodily injury", a collection of test problems.

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